Fibre Optic Cladding Material?

What is the cladding of a fibre optic cable made out of? Is it a a less transparent glass so during the heating process it melds well with the core or somthing else. Are their a multitude of materials?

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    The point of the cladding is that it has a different index of refraction from the core material. This makes the boundary between the two reflective for light waves that travel in the core as long as the angle of the light wave does not exceed a certain angle.

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    The Romans had glass drawn into fibers, but they did not use these for fibre optics as we know it. In the 1790s, the French Chappe brothers invented the first "optical telegraph" yet it used a free air and not glass. In the 1840s, physicists Daniel Collodon and Jacques Babinet showed that light could be bent, but they used water not glass. In 1880 Alexander Graham Bell patented an optical telephone system called the photophone. Also in 1880 William Wheeler invented a system of light pipes to direct light around the home. In 1888 in Vienna,Doctors Roth and Reuss, of used bent glass rods to illuminate body cavities. In 1930 German Heinrich Lamm was the first person to transmit an image through a bundle of optical fibers. Many people have contributed innovations in use and manufacturing but it would be hard to say that someone "invented" something that was in use and patented previously.

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