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Liking the england team?

these are just my thought so i hope i don't offend anyone here.

the thing i started liking about the eng team is they respect other players who are doing well, pietersen and other eng players congratulate Yuvraj, sehwag and gambhir for their batting in the first odi, and today Pietersen was giving a light clap to yuv for reaching his hundred.

both teams seem to be getting along just fine, compared to Australia, what was the problem? Was it India or Aus who started those little fights...Don't get me wrong i luv when aus and india are playing vs each other, i thought maybe its cuz of the drama both india and aus creates but i stayed up whole night watching the today's match and i'm enjoying every bit of it...

I would favor Eng, just because they seem to be showing more respect towards other players.

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    You mean to say that Australian players don't appreciate and congragulate the opposition when they get a hundred or when they win? That's not true. watch the replays of those matches, please. we do appreciate talent where it is due.

    Respect has got two sides. you have to give it only then can you expect it to be returned. Indian players didn't show us much respect so we don't have to return it also.

    I wonder what you would have said if England had won the previous two matches. Then they will be termed as arrogant, don't they?

  • Bill P
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    I disagree. I thought most of the hundreds scored were congratulated by the opposition. For thr two tests won by India, the Australians were there on the field to congratulate them. I thought it was good sportsmanship on both sides.

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    You will find that both the Aussie team and Indian team get along just fine. Australians were the first to congratulate the Indians on the test win, they were all down there with-in 5 secs after the last wicket fell to shake hands with their successors.

    I watched all the test matches and the on field antics between both teams were great. All the 100 makers were congratulated by memebers of the opposite team (not all members, which is understandable)..

    England r the same way, its just England arent number one so they (Indian users) dont personnally attack them with false allegations

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    Its quiet difficult to judge them actually.

    I never understand whether their very good or very bad.

    I mean sometimes England behave really good which often leads to much appreciations, but sometimes they really behave awkwardly.

    Please dont mind any english fans, but the only reason I am saying this is because I have witnessed such england circumstances myself.

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    Is it just me...

    Or does every question posted nowadays contain some sort of dig against Australia?

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    Yup they are gentleman in behaviour.

    However in play they need to improve there game.

  • 1 decade ago

    england is one of the best teams by behaviour and i like them

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    Yes ! they show every time a good sportsman spirit..

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    I find them boring to watch, too gentlemanly .............but that's just me

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