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Why don't I have friends?

I am very loyal and stick up for my friends. I invite my friends to all of my birthday parties and try to help them as much as I can. but I have no friends. I had thought I had them but I have been abandoned by them on numerist occasions even though when everybody is gone I would still be there.

1. I had a birthday party and nobody came I invited everyone I hang out with and nobody showed up.

2. At my senior prom me and some people I thought were my friends were talking about going bowling and then to I.H.O.P. at the end of the prom i wound up being told that there was not enough room in the Van. an I went and bowled and also ate at I.H.O.P. with my family.

3. Someone I thought was my friend we get on myspace alot and decided to atleast keep in touch while we were in college. a while back I sent him a message that said to message back next time he would log in. He logged in and since then has never messaged me back.

I am close to forgetting about having anymore frends because i have never had good luck with them. the closest thing I have had to a best friend was my dog and he just passed away right after I graduated. I have just joined 3 clubs on campus the chess club(becuase I like the strategies),the anime club ( because I want to created graphic novels) and a christian group on campus. Everybody seems like they are my friends 1 or 2 of them have even stated it but I'm not sure I can trust anybody yet because last year me being social went down the tube along with friendship.


Don't get me wrong I don't just do things like this I also play sports, perform on stage( singing and danceing,and soetimes acting, and am a accomplished public speaker), even draw, take martial arts ,kickboxing, and get exercise.

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    find common interests and stick with them, go into them with an open mind.

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    I think you should not give up. These one or two people that have stated to be your friends probably meant it. Please do not lose them too by being unsocial. You've had a lot of disappointment before and I know it hurts but if you give up now you will stay alone for the rest of your life. Being suspicious towards other people's intention does not bring you anywhere and the worst part is that they feel it. Try to be more open if you can and things will get better for sure. Even if you can't manage being more open someone will come along. Believe me, having one or two real friends is much better than having tons of acquaintances who you cannot call when you have a problem or when you want to go out.

    Good Luck

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    Get out more, dont close yourself into chess clubs and things like that :\ how old are you? hit up a night on the town :) you make lots of friends out there!

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    i wonder the same thing sometimes...its very hard to trust people now in these times..ive had alot of people claim to be my "friend"...but when i really needed them guess what ..they were no- where to be found..that made me very upset and it bothered me for a long time....i would personally rather not have friends than to have "fake" friends...cause your true friends will be there through thick and thin..dont stress about it..good things happen to good people..just remember that....

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    Hang in there

    Its not you thats the problem

    just be ready some good friends will be along

    and you will appreciate them when they do

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    Aww I'm sorry. I was in this situation. The only advice I can give you is wade it out. Things can only get better. Trust me.

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