Help please? What shoudl i call this product?

This is for my english assignment. What should i call this product?

A device that fits on the steering wheel of a car. If anyone turns the wheel , the car will not start or run. They have to know the combination but only the owner of the car knows it.

And how should i do a radio ad and tv ad on this?


And a slogan?

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    1 decade ago
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    I recon you should call it something like twist n' lock, or steersafe, something thats describes what it is in the heading. It's a great idea! Try advertising something like a robber getting in a car and driving away, and then the same robber trying to steal the car with the wheel lock system on it, but he can't do it! Lol cheesy but I think if it's produced like its playing in my head, it'll be great! lol! As for advertising on the radio, just desribe the new 'innovation' idea for the listeners treasured vehicle!

    Good luck, I hope you do great!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    call it, devination (device + combination)

    sry if it's lame :] but i like it.

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