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Suspendable Solids & Clarity? Environmental Geology majors and experts, I need your help we this please!!!!!!?

Suspendable Solids & Clarity

What are they? Definition

How you would measure them? (Step-by-step)

What instruments you measure them with?

If you can help me with just some of this, I'll be forever grateful. Thank you so much and God bless

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    Suspended solids are solid materials that do not dissolve in water. Clarity is related to the amount of light that can pass through a sample of water without being scattered by particles.

    Suspended solids are measured simply by filtering a sample of water. First, you get a filter paper, weigh it, and then filter a known volume of water through it. Dry the paper, weigh it again, and subtract the first weight from the second. Divide that weigh by your sample volume and you have the suspended solids number.

    Clarity is measure by measuring how much light from a constant light source makes it through a sample cell. There is an instrument called a nephelometer that does this.

    If you are dealing with a known water source that has generally the same solids in it, you can make up a curve that relates the light scatter from the clarity measurement to the suspended solids. The clarity measurement is easier and quicker to do.

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