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Is there any sequel tot he HSM 3? Id be sad if nothing..?

I really like it, even the only series i watched was the latest one, senior year. Suppose the sequel is College musical!

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    disney is making HSM 4 and 5, but without the original cast. They're introducing new characters in HSM 3 which will then continue on to the 4th and 5th movies.


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    I would agree if there would be a College Musical! Hahaha. Even though it sounds weird. It's really cool because I am now in my Senior High School and I'm now getting ready for college. It seems a really great coincident having HSM 3 as a Senior Year.

    I heard a few news that there is going to be a HSM 4. But I'm not really sure about it. They said they were still working on the script. Hope this will really happen!!

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    HSM 4 - The Freshman Year! - sorry don't know

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    No There is no movie after HSM3...As its the senior year and after this they will depart to their own ways...Im sorry about that!!!


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  • 1 decade ago

    well disney recently said that HSM 4 is in the works but idk if the original cast are gonna be there.

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    i sure as hell hope not. i mean hearing that zac efron might be in a POTC 4 is torture enough.

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    I hope not...

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