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Breast pain at the sides?

Normally I only get breast pain at the front of the breast and at the nipple at about 14 days post ovulation, but now at 5 days post ovulation, I have sore breasts all over. The sides of my breasts are tender and I don't think I've ever noticed this before. I do also have extra sensitive nipples as well though and they seem to be itchy inside. Could this be pregnancy related? Also, my husband said today that my breasts look larger and they feel heavier and fuller to him (without me prompting or mentioning it...coz i noticed too). Too early to be pregnancy?

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    This could be a possible sign of you being when I was pregnant with my 1 son, I had achy breasts from about 2 weeks. The pain was sort of all over, but you could mainly feel it down the sides of my breasts. I could also feel the heaviness in my breasts as soon as my bra came off.

    If your not pregnant it could also be related to your hormones (being the cycle of your period changing).

    Us women have to put up with such wonderful things in ilfe

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    my breasts are usually the first indication of pregnancy and your description sound just like i have had in prior pregnancies.

    although it has never occured that early. it may or may not be an indication of pregnancy you will have to wait till your due and get a test.....

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