Top Contributor: How do you get this rank here at YA?

I saw folks with less than 2000 points, and still have "Top Contributor" on their names. How does this "Top Contributor" work?

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    "A "Top Contributor" is a member of the Yahoo Answers community who has shown that they are knowledgeable in a certain category. Each user can be a top contributor in a maximum three categories.

    You earn it or lose it depending on your recent participation in a certain section.

    The more positively you contribute, the more chance there is that you will get a TC badge. Just like featured users or category leaders, it's another way to give credit to community members."

    The TC badge is awarded on the number of questions answered and best answers received by the user in a particular week

    It is rumoured that you need at least a 10 percent best answers in your chosen category to get a TC badge although the actual percentage and the number of answers is Yahoo's secret.

    If you have contributed enough to meet Yahoo's criteria, the orange badge will appear below your avatar on Monday morning.

    It can disappear just as easily if you don't keep answering questions in your chosen category.

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    Q: How are Top Contributors determined?

    The Top Contributor badge is dynamic, and you earn it by being an active participant who contributes quality answers in a particular category on Answers. Anyone can earn a Top Contributor badge as it does not depend on points or level.

    Top Contributors are not permanent, which is to say you must continue to be an active answerer in order to retain a Top Contributor badge. Similarly, even if you are not a Top Contributor today, you can earn the badge by contributing high quality answers in any category or multiple categories of your choosing.

    The more actively you contribute quality answers and best answers to a particular category, the more likely you will earn a badge for your contributions in that category. Just like featured users or category leaders, the badge is another way to honor and feature community members who are actively participating and knowledgeable in particular categories on Answers.

    This is our first version of the Top Contributor badge, and we acknowledge that it is not perfected, yet. We will be continually improving the logic and heuristics used to choose Top Contributors in an effort to ensure that people who receive them are the most deserving. We’ve heard your feedback and we understand that there are concerns about abuse of this badge, and we will change the rules for Top Contributor as needed to combat gaming or abuse.

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    Like me, I was top contributor when I got laid off from my job. I spent about 40 hours a week answering tax, food, and environmental questions.

    I was a top contributor until I went back to work full-time. There is a place on Yahoo Answers where they discuss this topic.

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    I don't think they ever said exactly how many best answers you need in a category to be a "top contributor." I suspect it varies from category to category depending on how popular the category is. Just pick a category that you're good in and answer A LOT of questions in that category and you, too, can be a "top contributor." Don’t believe people when they say “just answer 50 answers in 30 days” or stuff like that. Yahoo keeps it deliberately vague so they never promised an exact figure to anyone. It may, as I said, vary from category to category.

    However, I have a rough idea of how long it takes to become a top contributor because a friend of mine made it after she answered all her questions in only one (1) category for a month in order to earn that badge. She doesn’t log on as often as I do so that only amounted to about 85 answers but she made it. She had a 30% “best answer rating.”

    It’s been said somewhere here on Yahoo that you need at least 10% of those answers to be “best answers.” It may take weeks of answering a lot in a category so be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day.

    While I made it to “Top Contributor” in two weeks of answering regularly in certain categories, I do log on every single day. It’s harder to make it to Top Contributor if you only log in now and then or, when you log in, you don’t answer a ton of questions.

    Just remember, concentrate your energies on ONE sub-category. Don’t answer all categories say, in Health, but concentrate on Alternative Health or Women’s Health or Men’s Health or Diet and Fitness. PICK ONE SPECIFIC CATEGORY AND STICK WITH IT! The biggest mistake most people make is they spread themselves too thin. Also, don’t bother trying to get a badge in Polls & Surveys or in Jokes & Riddles because there are no TC’s in either of those categories.

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    To be a top contributor you need to be knowledgeable in up to three category's. the exact formula is kept secret by yahoo but the common theory is that you need a minimum of 10 percent best answers in each particular category and is said to be reviewed weekly. the top contributor badge is not permanent and can be removed at any time.So choose the category's you feel you can get best answer and research every detail you can find with links to add to the answer and do not answer questions you don't think you can get you best answer (it will lower your percentage of best answers).

    For more information read this yahoo blog.

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    To become a Top Contributor (TC) follow these three points in general.

    1) Answer in a ‘PARTICULAR/SINGLE’ category (Stick on to only one or two)

    2) Earn ‘LOT’ of Best Answers in that category.

    3) Remain ‘ACTIVE’ in that category which you have chosen

    Top Contributors are determined based on the number of Best Answers in a single category, which they choose and their weekly participation!. A 50% Combination of both your weekly participation and Best Answers you earn in a week bestows you with that TC badge.

    Also stay in ONE category like Yahoo Answers, Fast Food, Games and Recreation. Do not answer Questions in multiple categories and in Polls and Surveys! Give a good, clear concise answer, every time, which helps you in earning Best Answers.

    This blog has some excellent info on becoming a Top Contributor

    It is said that you have to earn a minimum of 200 points per week to retain that badge.

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