What has your experience of Christians been like?

Again I do not want to judge. As a Christian I would like to better myself and would like people to be honest in telling me their views of the Christians they have met. Please do not generalize because not all Christians are the same. I myself have even met Christians that are so not Christ like and I have said I don't want to be a Christian if that is what it means to be one. So I know christians do offend non christians and I don't want to offend people and sometimes I do it without even knowing so please tell share your experiences with me.


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    What a nice question.

    I have met soooo many christians in my life. I was a christian up untill the age of 34 (4 years ago now).

    In my life I have met christians that are really really nice (though many times are unhealthily nice). Christians that are very intelligent, christians that are very very stupid, Christians that are very proud and arrogant. Christians that are victims of many christian doctrines and suffer terribly for it (eg "be like christ or burn"). Emotionally defensive chistians (they get hurt quite easily if you dont agree with them), And few christians that are insightfull, funny, inteligent and honest all rolled into one (its hard to meet those ones). As a christian I too went through all these stages of development. (I am still a learning person of course). I have met the prophet wannabes, preacher wannabes, many cult christians, KNow it all christians and know nothing christians. (I think this is a resonable breakdown of humanity itself not just christians)

    On the internet I have met the same types of christians. Though many more seem to be either realy really weird (more so now i dont believe in it all anymore) or angry. There are a few that are smart,funny, intelligent also.

    Source(s): 20 + Personal experience and internet discussions
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    Hi! Most Christians I've ever met, I didn't even know they were religious! You yourself sound like a lovely person. If a Christian offends a non-Christian just because of their religion, then that is not the fault of the Christian. Religion is a touchy topic, but I believe in open-mindedness and I can get along with others that have different beliefs, and if it offends them, then they are not worthy of your time.

    I say, just because the rest of them are not so nice, doesn't mean you can't be a part of what you believe in. It's not 'being a good Christian', it's about being a good person. You can believe in any religion as you wish (Scientology isn't a religion), most people couldn't careless. A firm belief in your religion isn't wrong, a belief so strong that you'd force it upon others may come off negatively.

    Be a good person, I don't care what you believe in.

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    My Christian faith and experiences are more personal to me than to some other folks. I don't belong to any church or particular denomination because I have never quite found a fit there. I am not saying that I disagree with gathering to worship but you have to have some other common ground to fit in there. Some Christian people have anger and intolerance and an inability to think for themselves and that's where we clash. I can't be comfortable to worship where there is a focus on a few leaders in the church instead of God and Jesus.

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    In real life, most of the Christians have been wonderful people. However, there were a few who were not, usually of the more conservative branches.

    However, on R/S?, most of the Christians act terribly! I've only met a few who were nice.

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    Back in the days of Constantine when he told the christians to come out of hiding and claimed he was one, people had to go and join the same church as he was in to gain favor in trading and busines. These people call themselves christians but were not truely converted.

    This has a bad influence on christianity because these people didnt reflect god.

    Today people call themselves Christians because their parents were,

    or call themselves Christian because they believe his real, but they never grow to no him.

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    As a Christian my life has had the normal ups and downs of anyone Else's life. There are weaknesses in my life that have led me to my pain and sorrow and I have found extreme joy in my life when I strive to follow the word of God and live my life as he would have me live.

    Every choice that we make in our lives, and God has given us free will to choose what we do, well that determines how our life will be. As a Christian I can never forget that Satan will do everything in his power to turn me from God. These trials and pains in my life I attribute to Satan. When we overcome these trials and our life is once again peaceful I attribute that victory to God.

    As a Christian I know that I will offend nonbelievers because you cannot tell someone that their sins are against the will of God without offending them sometimes. My first duty is to God and to spread the message of truth to non believers. A nonbeliever may feel that this is going against what they believe and therefore will take offense at it.

    The truth is when they take offense and get upset about my comments it's not because of my comment normally, but because deep in every human they know the truth and would rather not face it. We should attempt to live a life of peace and harmony, but at the same time we are called to teach non believers the truth of the Gospel.

    Love in Christ,


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    i'm personally not a religious person, but i did go to a christian school, and i found that there are a lot of christians who try to enforce their views upon others, and can get a bit preachy.. which i disagree with. and some people can be a little hypocritical with their faith. but that doesn't include everyone of course :)

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    The funniest christians are the ones who are suddenly "born again" and become so overzealous that nobody can stand to be around them! They are always good for a laugh!

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    I have met some true God loving Christians, and on the other hand I have met some who are christian in word only, I met some who are very judgmental, but we will know the true christian by their fruit.

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    One of the reasons I avoid them is because they come off as overzealous and preachy. They don't talk "to you" as much as they talk "down to you". Everything to them is wrong from your choice of friends to your taste in music. They constantly call trying to get you to come to church or participate in some church activity and when you tell them you have something else planned they guilt trip you. I mean, accept the fact I have a life with other friends and interests outside of religion.

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