is it okay to do this while breastfeeding...?

i am breastfeeding my one week old son. sometimes he will only take to one breast and not the other, then i have one boob thats full of milk and it hurts...

so i expressed milk out of the boob that he didnt want to drink from and stored it in the freezer... i'm going to try and introduce bottles (with breastmilk) in about 3-4 weeks so i can get my partner to feed him at least once a day... so i thought i'd start storing breastmilk while i can

is it okay to do that??

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    Breastmilk can be safely stored in the freezer compartment for about 3 months, or for 6 months in a chest freezer.

    Congratulations on your new baby!

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    Yes, this is perfectly ok to do this, and it is actually recommended. You can freeze milk for times when you want to go out and someone else will be feeding the baby. It is a good idea to remove the milk from the breast that isn't used, and store it for later. It is also a great idea to get your husband to give the baby a bottle of milk once a day, this will help with the bonding process for him and give you a break at the same time.When you are beast feeding try and use a little from both sides( 10 minutes on the left, 10 mins on the right and then back to the left for 5 mins and then 5 mins on the right again), this will ensure that neither side will become blocked and cause mastitis. Good Luck!

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    In general I would say that is ok. Just keep in mind, that as long as you are pumping (in addition to breastfeeding) the milk production will be stimulated. At one week your body is still establishing the correct amount of milk needed to feed your baby. It is normal to have too much at this stage of breastfeeding. To stabilize the amount you could only express a small amount of milk - just enough to make you feel comfortable. Then your body will decrease milk production until only as much milk is produced as your baby drinks. But if you are planning to pump and store anyway, this would be a good oportunity to do so. If you have a good freezer you can store the expressed milk for a long time.

    See this website for further information:

    Your baby will have several growth spurts during the next few weeks and months when he will seem to be doing nothing else but feeding. He will do this in order to increase the supply.

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    It is quite common for mothers to bottle feed their baby using their expressed breast milk. Breast milk can be expressed by hand, or with a manual or electric breast pump. Breast milk must be collected and stored correctly to prevent the risk of bacterial growth developing.

    Breast milk must be stored correctly to reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Suggestions include:

    - Use fresh breast milk whenever possible.

    - Express into clean and sterilised containers. These may be glass, plastic or sealable plastic bags.

    - Label each container with the time and date the breast milk was expressed.

    - Refrigerate the breast milk within one hour of expressing.

    - Store breast milk in the back of the fridge where it is coolest (4°C or lower), not in the fridge door, if you are going to use it within the next three to five days.

    - Freeze excess breast milk if you produce more milk than your baby requires.

    - Freeze refrigerated breast milk immediately if you are not going to use it in the next few days.

    - Do not top up refrigerated or frozen breast milk with fresh breast milk unless it has been chilled first.

    - The shelf life of frozen breast milk depends on your freezer. If your freezer is inside the fridge, storage time is two weeks. If your freezer is separate from the fridge with its own door, storage time is up to three months. Breast milk can be stored for six to 12 months in a deep freezer (-18°C or lower).

    Thawing and heating of breast milk

    Breast milk must be thawed and heated correctly to reduce the potential for bacterial growth.

    - Thaw frozen breast milk by moving it from the freezer to the fridge for slow thawing over 24 hours.

    - You can also run cold water over the container and gradually increase the temperature of the water. Do not overheat the milk as it will destroy some of the nutrients and may burn the baby’s mouth.

    - Never use the microwave. It is a potentially dangerous practice as it can cause ‘hot spots’ in the milk that may burn your baby’s mouth.

    - Frozen breast milk that is thawed in the fridge (but not heated) will last 24 hours in the fridge and four hours at room temperature. It cannot be refrozen.

    - If milk has been thawed outside the fridge, using warm water, it will last for four hours in the fridge, but cannot be refrozen.

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    I've heard of people freezing it to use it at a later time, but if it were me personally, I'd write dates on the bags and not keep them longer then 2 to 3 weeks.

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I think you need to keep trying to get him to latch on so it doesn't become a bigger issue. If you just ignore the one breast & feed off the other, it will get small and the other one will remain full & big. So obviously you need to do something!

    good luck~

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    thats ok. your supply will regulate soon. try just expressing a small amount though as your body makes as much as it needs and by doing this your body thinks you need more. just take enough to take away the discomfort.

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    No the milk is not pasteurized so should not be kept more then 24 hours! You can pump the milk but I would not keep it more then 24 hours! Try and get baby to latch to ether breast! Try feeding him from the breast he does not prefer first then finish with the other so that he gets completely full! Then pump some more to relieve the pressure if he doesn't take enough from it! Good luck!

    Source(s): Mom 2.5 (36 weeks)
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    i think you should forget what people say some say you should and some say you shouldnt see your doctor or health nurse on advice for the lil one good luck god bles.

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