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    Depends on what they have done to you in your life. To build up a hatred is a bit extreme. Sounds like your putting too much time and energy into what you want to feel towards them. Just live your life the way you want and be happy. I could go on about my old man but I've chosen to just forget everything and live MY life and not waste my life dwelling on things in the past. I'm just generalising as people go through different things in their life and everybody deals with things differently but all I'm trying to say is live your life for you and what your about. I hope I'm not talking to a child though because then my advice would be a little different.

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    Everything's justifiable if there's a good reason. It depends on how good your reason is. If you mean "My Dad gets drunk an beats the hell out of me on a regular basis", then hate away! If you mean "They have a problem with me getting drunk below the legal age", then no.

    Remember that 99 times out of 100 your parents really are trying to do the right thing by you to ensure what's best for you. Of course 98 of those times they will be either overreacting, won't know what they're talking about, or be overly petty. It's not a reason to hate them.

    Oddly enough my mother is really understanding and will talk problems out, work out a solution and so on (unless you get her REALLY mad), and dad gets in bad moods quite easily and freaks out at the slightest risk I take. Both love me and want the best for me...mum's just better at working out what the best for me is. Even if both your parents are insane, always keep that in mind.

    Of course, you are well within your rights to get p*ssed off if they are petty and unfair, but don't HATE them for it.

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    Hatred is a very strong word to use for ANYONE... especially your parents... but maybe what you are looking for is if it is ok to have hate/anger for SOMETHING your parents did... but not them...

    You should never HATE someone who raised you your entire life... but if you can see the difference... I think it is perfectly ok to have anger/hate for something they did but NOT them...

    What this comes out to is... DON'T close your parents off... dont hate them... it might even help you move on if you simple told your parents... and STRESS "I DO NOT DISLIKE YOU... HOWEVER I STRONGLY DISLIKE THIS DECISION YOU MADE" if you are careful in how you say it your parents should be able to sit down and talk with you about it... I am a father and have made mistakes... and I had respect for my son when he expressed his dislike in my decision... just remember... just because you dislike it and tell them you dislike does NOT mean BY ANY MEANS that it will change their side of it!

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    No, No matter What Reason you THINK you have to build hatred against them, IT'S WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE YOUR PARENTS, THEY WERE GIVEN TO YOU WHEN YOU WERE BORN. But.... If you feel that Angry or hated against your parents, you should always go talk to them because that's the best way to solve problems. By Talking and sorting it out without anger or violence.

    -Nathanael Lee- (7th Grade Kid in Hong Kong)

    Source(s): My parents, The Teaching of Jesus, The BIBLE
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    yeah it's normal to have hatred towards a parent if they have given you a good reason.

    For me, my mother attempts to kill herself and manipulates people around her for her own self centered. . . grrrr- I love her(at times) but I hate her for the pain she puts me through.

    I had a pretty colorful childhood. . . sadfully.

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    No they are your parents and they are the one who has brought you up.Love,respect your enemies in every circumstances. Do good to those who do evil to you.Do you want you future kids to do that to you. Don't sow bad or wicked if you don't want to sow these things.

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    No its not good because "in Islam, it is clearly describe that we should respect them either they are wrong or right.It's our moral duty.

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