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is Guatemala a democratic country?

Do you think that the country Guatemala is democratic.. Why?

You are not doing my home work, I need to give a presentation about Guatemala's government and I really need opinions about this..

Thanks for your help

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    Guatemala is a marginal democracy.

    Nominally, it is a democratic republic: it has elections that choose a legislature to pass laws, and a separate election to choose a head of state/head of government, the President of Guatemala.

    If you want a really great source to examine this further, look at Freedom House. Every year, they examine the state of political and civil freedoms around the world. Political scientists use FH's analysis to help determine whether a country is a true democracy, a weak democracy, or undemocratic. Remember, democracy is about more than elections: it includes civil rights, political rights, accountability, and the rule of law.

    Source(s): Freedom House's latest report on Guatemala:
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    According to the CIA it is considered a constitutional democratic republic.

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