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What kind of videos can I use for demos without legal issues?

I want to demo video-broadcasting technology in an exhibition, and need to find an HD video I can use without legal complications (copyrights etc.).

Are movie trailers OK for this purpose?

Are there other kinds of movies that are OK for this purpose?

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    In short, any copyrighted videos would not be allowed without permission. A movie trailer is likely under copyright protection so its use would require permission.

    You basically have a couple of options: (1) ask for permission from the copyright owner; or (2) find videos in the public domain.

    There are two main ways for videos to enter the public domain. One way is that the copyright expired. However, the copyright for any HD video likely has not expired. Another way is that the movie creator has disclaimed any copyright. To this end, I would suggest doing a Google search for "public domain videos" and similar keywords.

    Source(s): I'm an attorney.
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    you can use news clips but you CANNOT alter them. You can get them FREE from CNN RUTERS ect

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