I am not a child and I know the consciences of having unprotected sex. Could I really be pregnant?

I know all the lectures and please don't judge me for my mistakes. I had unprotected sex and now my body is being slightly abnormal. Perhaps somebody has had an experience close to mine. It was about 2 and a half weeks ago (Halloweenish). This past thursday (11-20) I started my period. It was really heavy and the cramps were horrid. On friday morning nothing. Saturday I started to spot and have still been spotting since (its only Sunday night now but still). This is not a normal cycle for me at all. I took 2 tests and both said negative. Im sure its still to early for those. Ive been very gassy and have been having light stomach cramps. I don't know how to explain it but my body feels different I guess. Im so scared that I might be but Im excited at the same time. Oh and I've been having like a brown discharge not a lot (gross I know I'm sorry) but it started on saturday before the light red spotting. My boobs aren't sore I'm not feeling any other "normal" signs of pregnancy but that could be because its still early. Any advice please!


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    first off, it's consequences not consciences! totally different.

    well, it could have been a chemical pregnancy, when you had that bad period, but was most likely a regular peroiod. and not it could just be your period starting, or maybe implantation, in which case the test would be too soon to pick up any hormones and get an accurate result.

    wait and see if your regular period comes, good luck.

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    There is a chance you could be pregnant, but it sounds like you have to wait a little longer to take a test for an accurate result. If you have had unprotected sex there is also a chance you could have caught a sexually transmitted disease, which could explain the discharge. If your pregnancy test is negative, I would get a sexual health screening done as soon as possible. Take care of yourself.

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    If you are young or thin or both it is fairly common to have irregular periods and it is certainly common to really notice any abnormality in your body when you are even slightly worried about being pregnant. Menstruating almost always with only the rarest of exceptions means that you are not pregnant. So relax, you not pregnant and your not going to get pregnant because you are going to keep condoms in your purse.

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    It sounds like it's just a horrific period. Sometimes your cycle changes for no apparent reason. You will need to wait a few more weeks before a pregnancy test will confirm whether you are pregnant or not. It sounds like you cycle just changed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like a period to me.

    Be more careful next time.

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