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Is this a sign that I should work in mental health, or am I just bored?

I've noticed that for quite I while, I've come on here to answer questions in the Mental Health and Psychology sections. I have things like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., and I really like it when I can help someone know she or he isn't alone. I like reading someone say "Am I insane? I do such and such... I feel so weird," and being able to tell them that tons of people feel exactly the same way, giving them links to information, etc. Is this a sign that I should make a career in the field of mental health, or am I more likely just bored and lonely? Thanks.


Benes: I'm glad you answered; I've always wanted to ask someone with firsthand experience. Do they allow CD players in psych wards? Thanks.

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    When it comes down to it, all those whom answer on these sites are just bored. As for me, I tend to frequent the biology section as I currently study biomedical science at the university level. Because of my current educational choice I'm able to answer these questions but not out of real interest really, more because I'm bored/need attention/have a superiority complex/what ever, lol. BUT when choosing my choice for my future, it came down to what I was TRULY interested and what I wanted to do with life. If you believe mental health and counseling is your passion, then by all means go for it, I myself have contemplated it as well. You can take almost all things in life as signs, but in the end, it's your decision. If you think you'll enjoy it, then go for it.

    EDIT: What I mean by when I say I'm not interested, is that I'm not interested in the questions asked, but merely I can answer them and I have the time to answer them.

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    It could be a sign of both...I'm sure you are feeling a little bored if you are on yahoo answers a lot, but what kind of questions you answer really do give insight into what types of things you are interested in.

    If you can, try pursuing work as a psychologist or someone who works with mental health problems. It seems like you could enjoy it, especially since you like giving advice and helping people. It takes lot's of understanding and patience, and if it seems you have that then I say go for it!

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    I believe you have an understanding and know where people are coming from but without sounding nasty are you not the pot calling the kettle black?

    When you have got over your own demons I truly believe that you would be an ideal person to work in mental health because as the saying goes you cant help others until you can help your self first.

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    you should work in mental health... painting water colors in your room in the psych hospital. that would be the blind leading the blind

    well i'm sure you don't stalk people in real life either, strange, but thanks. it's the internet, you can do whatever the **** you want, and i choose to take all the pent-up anger from my long workdays of holding my tongue and smiling out on this website. it was a joke, but seriously, you have to be a solidly optimistic person to work in mental health and deal with the mentally ill day after day year after year. if you already have anxiety and depression, dealing with unhappy people all day long will drag you down. and they allow cd players, mp3 players, and laptops, obviously. i have a big window with wire mesh over it. it's nice

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    I don't think you will bored and lonely if its something you enjoy doing. I'm the same. I like helping others and have considered careers where i can. if you love it and enjoy it you wont be bored with it.

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    mentally HELP me please. i asked 2 questions just now, neither of which are being answered.

    I am obsessed and can't move on.....its been a year!;_ylt=AuLkW...

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