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Help, Am I a kleptomaniac?

I have a draw full of pens, bracelets, rings and other things that I have taken from shops... there must be close to 100 items in there. Some of the rings/bracelets don't fit me or I don't like them... and I have more pens than I can use in my lifetime - I don't need them, I just wanted them.

I get really anxious if I think of taking something and then don't take it... I find that through habit I glance at security guards before walking into a shop. If I'm with a friend, I take things without their knowledge or make excuses to ''leave'', pretend to go home, and then come back and steal the items. I'm 16. I also have OCD and am Bipolar, and I think this may be the cause.

What do you think?

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    Because you described that you feel anxious "if [you] think of taking something and don't take it", it sounds to me like you are dealing with a compulsion - a piece of your OCD. Have you talked to you psychiatrist about this behavior? Are you taking any medications to treat your OCD? If so, they may need to be tweaked to help decrease your compulsion to steal.

    Because medications are not always 100% you will probably have to do some work on your own behaviors - for example make a plan of how not to steal if you get the urge (e.g..,leave the store, distract yourself, etc.) and another plan on how to decrease your anxiety after you refrain from stealing( e.g., take deep breaths, write in a journal, etc).

    I know, easier said than done, however it will be worth the hard work and do wonders for your self-esteem. Plus you will have a lot less clutter!

    good luck!


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    Yeah. You probably do.

    You should really talk to a doctor about it. I'm guessing that, because you have OCD and are Bipolar, you probably know at least one person in the psychiatric community. Talk to them.

    I'm guessing that you kleptomania isn't that bad-you're stealing pretty petty things. At least you haven't stolen a car or anything.

    And, you might not have kleptomania. You might just feel the need to take risks, and it happens to come out as stealing.

    A doctor (or even a trusted friend) would really be able to help you with this.

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    This is kleptomania, that is stealing things that you don't need or will never use. It could be a symptom of your bipolar as it is a thrill sort of thing, stealing something causes a short of high but only temporary. You can get into so much trouble. You could very easily be arrested in a store and charged, there could be fines and jail time. Also please don't do this with a friend as your innocent friend would probably be charged also for stealing. Is there a trusted adult you can talk to. Are you off of your meds. If your not taking your meds you could do so many things that would put you are risk of serious trouble. I think your not taking your meds. Please start them again. Life is so much easier with them. You need to be stable. Please I care!!!! Take your meds!

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    yes probably u are

    visit ur therapist

    as long as u aren't doing it for money, like selling them and stuff you are a kleptomaniac

    i really dnt think it has to do with being bipolar but might have a connection with OCD but since you haven't described which type of OCD cannot really be sure

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    Dear hun, it stems from unresolved issues with being worthy and valued....

    I had similar issues without the added OCD and stuff....Did not stop until I became aware of myself and the reason behind many of my behaviours...

    Dont stress over it, makes it worse..

    Just observe your self, try out little games with your self, to see how long you can last not taking something...

    Therapy would surely be part of your life, I would imagine, so share with people who are prepared to listen....

    Dont be ashamed...Laugh at the silly human ways, we all have them, and continue on the path of self growth!

    IT WILL ALL BE GOOD! f you can believe that it will be so , then so it will BE!!!

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    somebody with an irrational urge to thieve in the absence of an economic purpose. I.e. Your hooked on robbing however in case you dont choose it. Kinda like those wealthy youngsters that do it to get interest from their parents who're to busy at artwork lol. Edit: those different solutions advise crap in case you dont contain the actuality which you will arise with the money for what ever merchandise that's they thieve.

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    Are you seeing a pscyhiatrist at the moment?

    If not, I suggest you do so.

    You don't want this to become something unfixable.

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    You need to fix yourself. Stop the bad habit yo...

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    Are you taking anything for it....?

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