Why are games seemingly harder?

Why does it seem the newer game titles for home consoles are extremely hard right from the start??? I can relate to sequels of games, where you may already have an understanding of controls, etc., but what if you never played those games? Like, I just bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and its killing me. Its not enough to try to get the controls down, and keep the camera focused on your targets, but the boss battles seem a little extreme. If I am fighting a dragon, and i am the size of his toenail, then I should get my butt handed to me until I am strong enough, etc, to defeat him. Normally this occurs towards the end of games. (fill in any tough monster, gangster, secret agent, instead of said dragon...). But the first 2 bosses right out of the gate just obliterate me. Add to it the lack of difficulty selection, and you see what I mean.

I am all for a challenge, and we gamers have grown more fierce and smart in our tactics, but damn, let us get into the game's story and such before butt raping us. In God of War, Ares was a hard foe, but the game challenged you as your skills sharpened and improved. Ares was supposed to be hard. Its the final battle. In god of War 2, game play was similar, so even if you never played the series, you had a chance. And not to mention, as a safety net, you had difficulty selection to aid you.

It seems that game developers make alot of assumptions regarding skills and level of play. I try to play casually, and enjoy the creation/story/world....I don't want to wrongfully judge a really great game on playability. And I don't need to be frustrated so much that I bite through my controllers, either.

Does anyone else feel this way? I mean, its a little ridiculous not being able to move past the basic levels when you got hordes of more sinister enemies awaiting you.


I actually thought about getting Devil May Cry 4....I'm glad i didn't...I hope you still were able to enjoy the game...Thanks Looking for a Reason....

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    Haha yeah, kind of like Devil May Cry 4. The first boss is, in my opinion, the hardest fight in the game. He has a bunch of attacks that you CAN'T block, and it's in the start so you really don't have any power/level ups to go off of. I guess they're doing this so people can't buy it and complain "Oh, this game was WAY too easy, I beat it in a few hours". I remember saying that about a lot of games, and now they are extremely difficult. I'm with you 100% on this.

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