drug addict boyfriend ?

i've been with my bf for just over 2 years and up until a few months ago everything has been great. He has recently been diagnosed with deppression and he is constantly going out clubbing, drinking just to get drunk and doing all sorts of drugs. by the way, he's 21 and i'm 17. ive tried talking to him and he has promised me so many times that he'll stop but he wont. i want to help him but i honestly don't know how much more i can deal with. What can i do to help him? im def considering breaking up with him even tho i do love him.... i feel terrible doing this to him when i know he's going thru a really tough time. What would be the best way to break up with him?

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    I am relieved to hear that you realize that you need to break up with him. He has demons that have nothing to do with you and all of the love in the world can't help him come back until he wants to. He sounds like he's in such a state that he'll hurt and use your break-up as an excuse to further go deeper into his destructive state. Just tell him you love him and always will, but you can't go where he's going, you have plans for your life. He might promise to change, etc., and say you pray he will but you are not going to be a part of it anymore...reiterate you have and will always have a special place in your heart for his special love, but it is over. Be strong. Addicts are supreme liars, you know why?, because they mean it when they say it, they really do, but they will find an excuse to get out of it in the their intoxicated state. Even if he goes to rehab, you are not that entrenched into this relationship to take a chance on his track record. Once he recovers from this mess, he'll still have to deal with what made him want to avoid life by self-medicating to begin with. Long road.

    Go live that great life sweetie. House, kids, vacations, good jobs, and money not spent on bail and kids wanting for a Daddy and having to explain your plight to your family and friends, how embarrassing. Be strong and just do it.

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    You have to sit him down and tell him how you feel, if you feel like crying then cry, that's the only way he'll realise how serious you really are about this. Give him an ultimatum, you or the drugs. if he chooses you then monitor him for a short while and if he starts up on the drugs again, you're better off finishing with him no matter how much you love him.

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    Drugs destroy everything.

    I was with my boyfriend since I was 14, and we recently just broke up, and I'm 19 now.

    I asked him to stop so many times, and after every month "I'll quit, i'll quit". He never did, and we ended up splitting because he chose the drugs over me.

    Sad, isn't it?

    Breaking up over something so stupid.

    All I can say, is see what happens.

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    He's the only one that can help himself, he has to WANT to be off the booze and drugs. No one can do it for him. If he wants you in his life bad enough he'll shape up. Until then, you do what is right for you and get on with your life. Tough love---it's worth it.

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    Your WAY too young to be dealing with that crap! Get out before it's too late!

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