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formal dress dilemma?

I'm having my formal in four days and my period is early! I'm wearing a WHITE dress that's sort of tight fitting around my stomach and butt. What should I do!!


When I say what should I do I mean will regular pads protect me?

Update 2:

I use tampons so I'll be okay with that

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    If it's four days from now you should be ok. Bring extra tampons and just wear a thin panty liner as backup. I also have worn Underalls or boy shorts under something as added protection. If you have a heavy flow just check it regularly. You may also want to try 'super' tampons just to be sure. I hope this helps. Good luck!

    Source(s): Was a model and an exotic dancer. You figure out ways around these things!
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    Just use a tampon and a ultra thin pad with wings. Take a couple of spares. And have a great night.

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    i would wear a tampon AND a pad, and ask a close friend to keep an eye on you.

    going to the toilet after about two hours of being there should help too :)

    have a wonderful night.

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    definitely use a tampon!!!!! you'll feel so much safer and wont have to focus on all the possible disasters that could befall you!

    if you haven't used them before try putting some lubricant on the tampon and on your finger too if necessary. most beginners don't know that it's ok to do this and it makes it so much easier. you can buy lube usually next to tampons and stuff in supermarkets etc.

    good luck!!!

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    no no no use tampons! and go to the bathroom every hour. just be careful. use a tampon and a pad if it makes you feel more protected

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    i would use tampons and panty liners,

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