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Friend suddenly switched off?

i had this guy-friend, who has a girlfriend. he flirted with me a bit, but nothing ever really happened. i went over to his house one day, and his girlfriend came over and appeared all jealous. i could tell that he saw her jealousy. after she left i stayed for another three hours. when i left, he hugged me for heaps long, and didn't want to let go, it was like a goodbye. then he just started ignoring me. he wasnt replying to me, not picking up his phone. i finally got really mad, and messaged him saying why are you ignoring me? and he said everyone was suspicious of me and him, and i'm too young and we're not allowed to talk anymore.

is this reasonable? how can i get his friendship back? cos we loved each other as friends, and it was a shame to throw away such a good relationship.


there is 3 years age difference between us by the way

Update 2:

nothing is going on between us! we're just really good friends. and he still lives at home

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    He'll regret it when he and the jealous girlfriend break up. He'll probably contact you when that happens.

    It does suck pretty badly that you lost him as a friend, but relationships usually come first. He obviously really thinks the world of you, but is afraid of losing his girlfriend.

    In the meantime, make new friends and just file him away as a good friend while it lasted.

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    Don't try to get him back. Understand that friendships change and that their is an eb and flow to every relationship. If this girlfriend of his goes away eventually than it is likely that he will come back into your life. If she doesn't, your friendship will probably become more acceptable when you have your own boyfriend or are a little older. I have many friends that I have known since ninth grade (I'm 26 now), and every one of them has fallen off the proverbial cliff at least once due to a fight, or a crazy boyfriend. Good friends always come back, even if it takes four years.

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    How young are u?

    3 yrs? Just 3 yrs..

    These days 3 yrs is nothing..Its just a number..

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    It couldn't have been that great a relationship if he just threw it away like that.

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    take a step back, he has a girl...

    maybe she got to him after she heard about your hug....

    you should only be a friend if he has a girl...

    unless you want to mess up his relationship... muahahaha

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    how old are you?

    how old is his girlfriend?

    does he still live with his parents?

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    don't be a slut then he might talk to you again

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