Subwoofer question????? HELP!!!?

so i found a two 10" subwoofers....their Fusion, and i heard it wasn't that great of brand, but i found a REALLY good deal on them and i want to get some soon so it's my best option....but i don't really know anything about this sort of stuff, How many Watt amp should i get to support the subs?? the subs are new....idk.. lol any advise would help...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Find out what wattage rms they can handle. I ran 2 10" subs 1000watt with a fusion power plant fp 1402 amp that was rated at 450 wrms. Sounded great. any info you need on car audio can be found at

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    1 decade ago

    Get a profile 1000 amp. I'm assuming the speakers are in the 200-300 rms range. They are offbrand speakers. I never experiment with offbrand products because they are cheap for a reason! You get what you pay for.

    Source(s): I went with an Profile AP600 and a 12-inch bass tube speaker from I'll be running it bridged so I expect some nice thump. The Profile AP600 was 100 USD and the 12-inch Blaupunkd GTt-1200 was 100 USD. 200 bucks total for decent hard pounding bass.
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    1 decade ago

    since you found them they are most likely blown. subwoofs are a passing fad now, so I'd forget about them anyway.

    Source(s): poob
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