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I am a christian in love with a buddhist girl. i need insight. is it right, wrong and how can i deal with it?

i was in vacation in Thailand and in a jade store met this beautiful Thai girl. She gave me a private tour and we really hit it off. we exchanged emails and phone numbers and i grew fond of her the more i found out about her. we're both Aries, we like the same movies, she has a puppy just like mine, and single of course. we have a lot of common and she's really beautiful and thoughtful, but she is a buddhist and i respect her religion very much (before i met her i even thought of converting to buddhism but it looks tacky when people get nationality and faith changes). also christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, taoism, and hinduism in some way all are the same but the afterlife thing gets me.

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    You don't sound like a fundamentalist, and I think that your average Christian would have no issues with your choice of partner provided you were certain of your own faith.

    Still - it seems more important to you that your faiths match on some level, rather than that you hold any particular belief. Don't you find that odd? If you don't believe there is anything in the religions you list that would make you adhere to it specifically - why attempt to label yourself with any of them in the first place?

    If you're at a place in life where your beliefs are still forming and fluid, there should not be any barriers to exploring a happy, loving relationship with anyone whose morals you accept.

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    Skip the religion issue, there's a more basic one here.

    You say changing nationality is tacky. I assume you mean moving to a new country? If you and this woman decide to get married, exactly where will you live? Who has to decide to give up their home land and move to the other one? Do you want to be 'tacky' or do you want to be married to someone who is 'tacky?'

    Put aside whether loving someone from another religion is allowable, you have a lot of other things to worry about. Relationships are built on more than liking the same movies and having the same breed of dog! What are you political views? Do you both want children? Should they go to a religious school, state run school or be home schooled? How do you divide house work? Do you take care of outside and she inside? Do you help wash dishes at all, or basically treat her like a slave? Can you cope with her relatives coming to visit for a while (assuming she would move to where you are)? If she did stay buddhist, would you be comfortable with having a monk bless your house before you moved in, or having buddhist celebrations in your house? Which religion would you bring any children up in?

    Marrying someone from another religion isn't impossible, but it does make it harder to resolve those issues. And they don't have to be from another religion. Protestants and Catholics have found it hard as well.

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    It depends whether or not you are a cultural Christian (taking part in a civic belief system … yea, Christianity to some extend is acceptable and good to take part in) or, if you are a person who have a relationship with Christ. If the former, then yes, go for it. However, if the latter, you will have real problems.

    In short, it would be something like pleasing two people that are extremely important to you. On one hand your God, Friend and Savior is offended when you show respect (not talking about your beautiful girlfriend) but to other gods who are important to her. How can you please both? This is just a simple example, but if you have the Spirit of God dwelling in you, (Which biblically constitutes a Christian) you will have serious problem.

    Again, not with your girl, but a battle will ensue for your allegiance. Like one respondent said, “Why through away a great relationship for a religion” ... or Why offend your God, Friend and Savior for someone who doesn’t reverence Him) It’s your choice!

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    If you're thinking about being a family then being the same religion makes sense. You'll have to treat it pragmatically as well as choosing a religion you both can believe in.

    It seems like the biggest problem the long distance aspect of your relationship. How are you two going to make that work?

    I don't understand why the afterlife gets you, are you nervous about going to hell? If you are, put it out of your mind. Go to the place that has a bar -- it might be heaven, it might be hell but at least you can get a drink!

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    Kyle, I don't know much about that religion yet. What I have heard

    I like. It has different sects like christianity. Some believe in reincarnation and some believe in transmigration which is similar.

    I can't accept transmigration which says you can come back

    as a lower life form.

    Ithink they do not have a concept of a God except as an

    expression of man.

    If you do decide to have a relationship with a different culture,

    try to be open minded because you don't really have that much

    in common. You will both have to bend a lot, but it can work.

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    Reading your question I think you should stop calling yourself a Christian. Sorry to be so direct but it seems that you don't seem to take it seriously enough. It is obvious you don't have a personal relationship with God because if you did you wouldn't even be asking this question. Have you ever actually read the bible? It doesn't seem like it since it says not to yoke yourself with an unbeliever. The fact that you are thinking of converting to another religion tells me you are just another fake Christian. If you are truly worried about the afterlife start spending time with God in prayer and in reading your bible. Get to know Him. But if you are only running after religions because of what they profess about the afterlife then you got it all wrong. And by the way unless she converts to Christianity all she is going to do is be a problem and you could lose your destiny

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    Nice to know that you acknowledge your feeling of being in love with that buddhist girl.

    All I can say if the religion is not a big deal to you... then why not ask her for a date and proclaim your love to her.

    Then, let's wait for the result whether it's good or bad at least you have expressed it already.

    Be expressive! Do it if you in love that girl. Make the move your the man!

    Good luck!

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    So what? My boyfriend is an atheistic Buddhist, and I'm a pantheistic Pagan. We don't even agree on whether or not there is a god and we love each other very much. Religion is personal - like a favorite color. It shouldn't' change because another person wants it to.

    If you convert, convert out of your own personal beliefs, not because of hers.

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    Hey brother :)

    The Bible says in 2 Cor 6:14 "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?"

    This is not being closed minded. This is how God wants it to be to protect ourselves from harm or unnecessary trouble in our lives. Before any other relationship, our priority should be our relationship with God. Seek Him first, and he shall grant you the desires of your heart. Pray that you would meet a great, beautiful Christian girl who will not hinder you from your relationship with Christ. Also, pray for wisdom and guidance.

    I'll be praying for you :)

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    the big mistakes we make as true believers is we try to fit in with other peoples ways or the way they think! true believers know where they stand. no excuse. besides what does aries has to do with a true believer? all for God or not at all. dont be blind hearted! thats not true love just because you like a person.always remember what the bible says about all this. check the Word and go before God in prayer. there is a reason why God put her in your way. God Bless you

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