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I'm terribly shy and I have a hard time making friends. What do I do?

I just recently moved to college and I don't know many people but I'm too shy to get to know them. The girls on my hall are all very nice people, but they are excitable and are always running about and doing things whereas I'm more mellow and tend to get left out.

To make matters worse my roommate is the most vivacious of them all, she brings her friends into the room, so many of them that I can't take in all their names and then they swoop out again while barely acknowledging me. Sometimes they come in to look for her, see she's not there and leave without even taking note that I'm sitting right there while I'm searching in my head for a good way to get their attention without freaking them out.

I know I should try and join some clubs to find people with similar interests but I feel that when I try to talk to people it's so awkward, like they wish I would leave them alone and find someone else to bother. I don't think of myself as that weird of a person, I had lots of close friends in high school but I'm having a hard time connecting with someone here in college.

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    Wow. I know exactly how you feel.

    Maybe next time you and your roommate are alone ask her if there is anything fun going on this week, tell her you need a break from schoolwork. Or something like that. Even if you don't like all the crazy stuff they are doing you may find by hanging out with that group that there is someone you click with. Or ask your roommate to grab lunch.

    Hope that helps. I know it's hard trust me I know. But really the only way to solve it is to take action.

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