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If u think sum1 in your family is a pedaphile what can u do?


But there is no proof just the way he talks and looks at them i cant prove nothing if he just thinks it

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    If he just thinks it, not only can you prove nothing, it's not actually a crime, so there really is nothing you can do. Just looking and talking in a certain way may just be the way he talks, for all you know.

    If you have real serious evidence (i.e. you see it, or someone told you about what he did to them), probably let an adult whom you trust know unless you are older. The police probably wouldn't take you seriously if you went straigtht to them unless you were about 20. Unless, of course, you were abused yourself. Then you would go straight to the cops.

    Don't talk to the police unless you have real proof that something's up. Otherwise they'll jsut get p*ssed off at you.

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    If you are so sure of this issue report him immediately but if not continueto keep close observation. It is very dangerous to have a person with that sort of mantality around.

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    get your facts right and make sure you have enough proof to substantiate your claims if you are positive beyond any doubt then ring the police or crime stoppers

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    Be very careful of making false accusations

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  • i would bring it up with someone else in the family.

    someone you can trust and someone who won't fly off the handle and attack this person straight away.

    make sure this person tries to prove it with you.

    and keep your eyes on this weirdo at all times...

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    Report them and keep all kids away from them!!!

    Even if it turns out that they're not you can do it anonymously, at least you know your children are safe!

    Source(s): i am a child
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