Is it true gas companies bought the rights to electric cars?

We've had the technology for decades, but why aren't we taking advantage of electric cars? I heard it's because the gas companies bought the rights to them so no one can make them. Is this true?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's actually some truth to this rumor. For example, the battery used in the Toyota RAV4 EV was owned by General Motors, until Texaco bought the rights to it. Then Chevron merged with Texaco and inhereted the patent rights, and shut down the RAV4 EV production. Can't make the EV without the battery.

    The RAV4 EVs that were made before production was shut down are still popular today. Ed Begley owns one, and others have recently sold for around $80,000 on eBay. If Toyota could have continued making them, they would have sold very well.

    For the most part though, electric cars have been slow to develop because there hasn't been much demand until gas prices shot up.

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    1 decade ago

    The problem with electrical cars is limited range, poor performance, extremely high costs, and long charge times. Even today the same problems are still there. They are slowly improving but until an electric car can meet or beat gas and diesel powered cars in these things they will continue to go unused.

    GM will sell an plug in hybrid starting in 2010. Toyota should also have one around the same time. Both depend on partially developed battery technology. Both think the technology will be ready by then but if not then we will continue to wait.

  • GABY
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    Obviously not, since several companies have been making them or developing them. The electric car has not been successful because the general public has wanted larger cars that go greater distances between charges, and with a reasonable price tag. Maybe better batteries will help them be more popular in the future.

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    the Technology is sitting on the shelf with the 200 MPG carburetor

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    You could actually build one yourself as many people have.

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    1 decade ago

    Pure nonsense..

    Typical conspiracy theory..

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