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Question about African Yellow Chiclids?

In my country all pet fish are emported from different countries. And among these fish i love african chiclids and i am keeping them in my room for last 2 but i have only bule color and black color, its very difficult to find yellow color chiclids, there are only blue and black avialable in my place. So, I want to know that yellow chiclids are hard to find? Hard to breed? Are they too expensive then other chiclids? or does they need different climate then other childs? what could be the reason that yellow chiclids are not available in my place whether as other chiclids are easily available and is not too expensive also??


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    It's probably just chance that they're importing blue cichlids but not yellow ones.

    Two of the most popular African cichlids that are yellow are Labidochromis ceruleus, known as the Yellow Lab or Electric Yellow, and Neolamprologus leleupi, which comes in lemon yellow and bright orange color morphs. L. ceruleus comes from Lake Malawi, while N. leleupi is from Lake Tanganyika. Both of these are fairly easy to keep and breed. Both can be fairly agressive, but no more so than many other African cichlids.

    Maybe a pet dealer in your area could special-order some of these from his or her wholesaler.

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    Family: Cichlidae Range: Lake Malawi, Africa Size: Up to 5 inches Diet: Omnivore Tank Set-up: Freshwater: Rocks, plants, sandy bottom Tank Conditions: 72-82°F; pH 7.8-8.5; dH 10-15 Minimum Tank Capacity: 50 gallons Light: Low Temperament: Semi-aggressive Swimming Level: Middle and Bottom Care Level: Easy Reproduction: Mouth Brooder

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    It just might be that there isn't a breeder in the area close enough to make it safe for livestock transport. The blue cichlids could be much more hardier than the yellow that you would like

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