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my hair dries so slowly!?

i dont know why at all it just takes like ages if i slept in it i would wake up the next morning and it would still be damp

is there something wrong with it?

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    Your hair is just very thick. You can go to the hairdresser and ask them to thin it with thinning shears and it will make a ton of difference. I have to get my hair thinned almost every time I get it cut. Also lots of layers help thin it and will help it dry faster because then the air can get to the underneath and middle areas better.

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    WHAT? Don't sleep with wet hair LOL... trust me. Between the skull and the scalp there is a layer of fluid... any sort of extra fluid absorption for prolonged periods will cause pain such as headaches in the slightest of swelling... it will damage in the long term. Some people go bald or get brain damage from it... (if they do it all the time)

    Towel dry your hair as much as possible Start from the roots to the tips, then reverse. If your towel is too wet it wont absorb anymore, so use a new one too.

    Resort to using a hair dryer.


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    if i were you id me pretty glad

    healthy hair takes a long time to dry where as unhealthy hair drys very quickly due to is being very brittle

    but if you are very frustrated about it cut your hair in a way that it is thinner

    but itll still take itts time to dry


    if your hair is loooooooong

    you shouldnt be washing it every day

    u ahve to skip about 1 day so the natural oils from your scalp and get to the tips of your hair

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    Because u do not dry them out properly

    Towel dry all the wet hair first

    use the blow dryer on cool to dry the remaining

    or you cd do what i do...stand near a fan after washing...or in the sun fr sometime

    never comb wet hair....they will take forever to dry oderwise

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    It's probably just really thick.. Don't worry, there's good news out there!! They have now invented a fantastic, portable machine that dries hair!! It's called a hairdryer! You can pick one up from your local electronic store for $50-$200!!! Wow!

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    no, if your hair is dry then it dries quickly. Try putting mousse in it and it will dry faster.... also use one of those special dry towels, it is like a shami cloth, and it dries faster.

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    because it is thick and damaged

    - apply mayonnaise on your hair for two hours twice a week

    you will see a great results

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    Use a Towel lady!

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    same as my hair. i have to dry it every night.

    i think it means your hair is healthy :)

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