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Did I miscarry one of my twin babies 12 years ago?

About 12 years ago, i was expecting my 2nd child out of my seven children. Ok. When i was about 4 1/2 months pregnant my stomach felt so pain and a lot of blood came out. I thought i miscarried and my child died. But when I went to the hospital, the doctor said that I was still pregnant. I asked the doctor and he said everything is fine. So i accepted it. So was I actually pregnant with twins? And did technology 12 years ago, did not actually know I was pregnant with twins. Did my other baby die? Was that blood that came out was my other child? Thanks in advance.


Thank you all for your answers,opinions and statements. I feel so guilty to god that i may have killed my child(tears,tears,tears) and thats the last thing i would do. I never told anyone about this. Now god has blessed me with 7 children. Everyday of my life I feel sad and would never forget what happened.Every year, On the day of my 12 year old's son birthday i would think of his twin(if it was a twin) and then cry. My husband would ask and i would say im just so sad our sons growing but actually sad if i killed another soul. thank you all.

Update 2:

No. I did not have an ultrasound when i was pregnant with my 2nd child because i knew i felt pregnant and my period was late. Only after what happened i went to the doctor.

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    If you were 4 and a half months pregnant, there would have been more than just blood.

    I was only 9 weeks when I lost a twin and it was unmistakably a baby.

    I'm sorry you are confused, it can be hard never really knowing what happened.

    All the best to you.

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    I am so sorry to hear that you've worried so long about this. Based on what you've said, I would have to agree with your doctor. If you had miscarried a twin, chances are very high you would have lost them both. Also, a four month pre-born child would be small, but recognizable as a baby. You would not doubt, if you had miscarried or not. The blood could have been from an injury or from part of your mucus plug discharging. At any rate, you should be able to have peace-of-mind knowing that everything did in fact work out fine. Congratulations on having such a large family. I have five kids and life is full chaos, chores and love! God bless.

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    Poor you. You know him better than anyone. Was he happy when he found out you were pregnant? If so chances are he is trying to keep it together for you and is well aware of how much it hurts because he is hurting too but wants to be there for you. Men often aren't great with their feelings and have been bought up not to show them. He's probably trying to be the man of the house. Even if he wasn't happy when he found ou you were pregnant he will still be aware of how much you are hurtung and he'll be in peices. When you miscarry you go through a bereivement. Some people can distance themselves to some degree because they never knew the baby or babies for other people it is just like loosing a child. People grieve in different ways and go through the stages at different times. Don't give him too hard a time but make sure you are talking and plan a memorial for your babies. When I miscarried my then boyfriend (now husband) and I each wrote a letter to our baby and then left them somewhere we thought the baby may have liked to have been buried. It really helped us to say goodbye. xxx

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    it is possible to miscarry one twin and carry a second to term. Often when this happens there is not a lot of bleeding but there may be some slight spotting and cramping. Sometimes the miscarried twin will just be reabsorbed by your body.

    With a large amount of blood it is usually something more along the lines of a subchorionic bleed, relatively harmless if it just happens once and stops.

    Source(s): RN.
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    When delivering I'm sure the doctors would've noticed something if there was still another baby in there.

    Also, if you did have a dead fetus inside you, it is VERY unlikely you had more children & was never picked up on ultrasounds, blood tests or other tests.

    I don't know the odds of miscarrying one child of two is, but if you did miscarry, I'm sure they would've told you when you were at the hospital.

    Being so long ago, you may never know. Perhaps you should've brought this up to a doctor before.

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    medical science has advanced alot over the past decade itself. There has been cases where the pregnant woman is pregnant with twins and only gives birth to 1 well one could have been a sack of water or blood . initially what happens is there is supposed to be a child growing in that second bag but for whatever scientific reason it never develops. thats what could have happen its all nature so you could have been pregnant with suppose twins but only one formed as a birthing child . therefore your son/daughter could be a "water twin"

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    Did you have an ultrasound before the bleeding? Ultrasound technology has been around long before 12 years ago and would've picked up if you had twins or not.

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    I know a couple of people that were twins but one died in the womb, so it could have been

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    If you were pregnant with twins, and only 1 baby came out...that means you have a dead fetus in your body, If that was true, you would most likely be deathly ill or DEAD.

    So most likely you didnt have twins, you probably only had a single baby in your body.

    If you did have a miscarriage, they would have to pull the fetus out, in order for you to be a healthy person.

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    I cannot tell you for sure.

    Some people have been known to have full periods during pregnant...

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