struggling with stretching my ears?

so i got my right one through

buht my left ear is like COMPLETELY rejecting this pincher gauge.

im starting at a 14g from a regular ear piercing. i dont know i get it about 1/4 of the way through my left ear, and then it just gets stuck there and it wont go in any further and even when i try to take it out, it doesn't come out. i have no idea what the **** is wrong with my ear. buht its pissing me off.

HELP ME PLEASEEE. some useful answers.

not answers like "get it done professionally" or "just cram it in"

i've tried craming it in, it gets stuck in the same place every time i try.

and no "you should start with size 16"

i bought 14 and that is what i will use.



whats a stretcher o_o

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yea, i have the same problem, except my left ear is the easy stretcher, and my right is impossible lol

    my advice would be, to NOT CRAM IT THROUGH! you can get a blow out that way and stretch marks wen u get to the bigger gauges. it will not help your ear. try putting some non-scented lotion, or even water on it to use as a lube. and apply steady pressure to it. put two fingers on the side of your ear the piercing will come out on either side of the hole, and use your other hand to push. it might take a while, so dont get frustrated. and if that doesnt work, im sorry, i kno u said not to say this, but go to a piercing shop and get a pro to help you. they dont have to do it for you, but they can give you advice to help get it through, and show you the best way. and if u want them to, they can probly do it for free [my shop does]. and if even that doesnt work, again, im sorry, u said not to say this, but u might have to get a 16 gauge. if you are really bent on not going to a pro, or getting a smaller gauge, i would suggest soaking your ears in saline solution[which you can get from any drug store or even walmart, and you shood be doing anyways to help with healing] for about 10 mins. massage your ears frequently and try gently pushing the jewelry through gradually. try stretching it 2 times a day, every day [unless they start to hurt]. thats all the advice i have :p

    hope it helped :p

    and i really hope that your stretches turn out nice <3

    Source(s): multiple piercings including stretched ears. piercer in training :D
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to use a stretcher. I've stretched my ears all the way to a 6 gauge and the only easy way to get it through is to use a stretcher.

  • bence
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    4 years ago

    I in basic terms gauged mine to 0 and they were quite sore and tight around the plug for the first few days. I couldnt turn them yet i will now. you probably did the right element with the help of slowly stretching them by skill of the evening. i hit upon it less complicated to enable it sit then attempt to push it and repeat. at present Ive been wrapping electric powered tape around the gauge then putting it in my ear and letting it sit for some days, that slowly stretches it too and at the same time as i bypass to positioned the subsequent length in I infrequently word the adaptation. yet, soreness or perhaps swelling and tightness is established for the first few days. be confident you wash with Dial cleansing soap contained in the bathe. manage it as a clean piercing!

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