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Why does it hurt so bad when I pee?

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    You maybe suffering from a urinary tract infection. See a doctor and have an antibiotic prescribed to take care of your problem. If it's not that severe, drink a lot of water for a few days. That will wash out the organism. Vitamin C intake can also help. The extra acidic environment in the bladder usually eradicates minor UTI.

  • NIkki
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    Urinary Tract infection feels like peeing razors or it could be kidney stones. Go see a doc they will do a pee test and give you meds to help the infection go away.

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    Depends on different things, could be because of a sexual interaction, a partner for instance. Or it could be as simple as a urinary tract infection, or possibly kidney stones passing mate! Best too see ur GP about this.

    Hope all goes well mate!

    Source(s): Had to do alot of school research for this topic.
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    Go to the doctor. It could be several issues which all can be found and treated by going to a doctor.

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    Bladder infection or an STD - do not waste time - go to a doctor.

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    See a may have a urinary tract infection.

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