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Chinese calendar, baby predictor - was it correct for you?

Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering if any of you, whether pregnant or already mothers, ever looked at that Chinese gender prediction chart and if it was correct in predicting the gender of your pregnancies?

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    My husband and I are also planning to have a baby soon.

    I also have the same question. I know many people that say it has worked for them and others who say it didn't. But I heard the trick is that you must use your chinese age, which is 2 years old then your age.

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    wrong for me.

    i was 22 concieved in august and have a baby girl. The chinese calander predicted a boy.

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    yes, this is my third baby and with my first 2 they were predicted correctly and if i deliver a girl this time (ive been told im having a girl) it will be correct again. Good luck.

    Source(s): baby number 3 due in 9 days..
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    It was wrong for me- said I would be having a girl but I am due to deliver a boy in less than a week.

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  • cheryl
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    yes my daughter 3 years ago and it was correct

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    Yup. It was right for my daughter, and this pregnancy (provided the ultrasound is right!)

  • Anonymous
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    Yep it was right for me too. I had a boy!

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