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where can i buy duck feed?

i'm getting two new baby ducklings in abut week and it says online to feed them duck feed but where do u buy it. keep in mind the duckling are wood duck and will only be a few weeks old.


bread is not good for ducks. also i know they eat bugs and veggies i was lookin for a protien feed for them. i found my answer on another question on here. the best place to go is the tractor supply store.

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    Go to a feed store like Agway or Tractor Supply Store. There is special feed for baby ducks. Also winter food, and laying (eggs) food. Adult ducks usually do well with cracked corn in the summer

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    Look in your yellow pages for an Agway or and feed distributor

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    If there is a store near you that sells farming material and farming food then try there.

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    a feed store

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  • maybe in a local pet shop, they might have some their for some reason

    or go to a bird shop. if that doesnt work either than give them some sunflower seeds maybe?

  • quack

    don't buy ducks until you know where all their food sources, etc are easily available

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    Just use bread crumbs.

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