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no more space in laptop ?

while trying to uninstalling files it can't uninstall. why?

there r more praograms and files that i don need. neither i can delete nor uninstall. any help pls

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  • mike H
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    your hard drive must be completly full if you cannot even uninstall any applications - you'll need to free up some drive space first - clear your internet temp files and cookies - run a disk cleanup, but right clicking on the c drive in my computer - selecting properties, you can also remove all but the most current restore point - there are other ways such as searching for large files as many of these are just installers that just get left behind after installing many web apps

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    you can safely delete from Program files folder inc and clean your registry. its quite safe, no problems. this is when the softwares are not uninstalling. but this method does not guarantee that all the traces of the software will be removed.

    or else best wat, format and reinstall xp

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