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PLEASE HELP!!!!!! what are some everyday steps to controll and straighten my REALLY frizzy hair!?!?!?

and i mean REALLY frizzy! if i dont have a straightener with me i wount brush my hair because if i run my brush through my hair even just once it go's AFRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any brands or products u would recomend.

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    Well , i did came across this question before and here is one the most convenient answer:-

    i have frizzy, wavy hair just like you.

    I love love love Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner!

    The best ones are Totally Twisted (designed for curly hair) and Long-Term Relationship (this one is THE best, because it does absoluteley everything for your hair)

    When i straighten my hair, i use John Freida Wind Down cream. I take a dime-sized glob and rub it through my hair, starting about 2 or 3 inches from the roots. Then, seperate hair into four sections and straighten them one at a time.

    Also, i have soft layers around my face like Miley Cyrus. They really frame my face when i straigthen them:

    An easy hairstyle i always do is a messy bun. I slide a skinny headband into my hair and then i twist my hair around itself until it is a bun. I secure it with a cute elastic, then i add a few bobby pins:

    Seventeen magazine has lots of other hairstyling tips: Enjoy your hair!

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    It doesn't matter how much heat protectant you use - all that heat is damaging your hair. In fact, you may be making the problem worse by continually trying to straighten it. Don't keep putting hot tools on your hair. Even going to the stylist to get it straightened won't do much good. If you're anything like me, the minute the humidity hits it it makes no difference You need to keep it moisturized - that is why it is so is dry. Get yourself a shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair - it's made to infuse more moisture into the hair. Also - do you ever put a shower cap on your hair with the conditioner while you are in the warm shower before washing it out? You should leave in the conditioner while you shower so it has a chance to sit on the hair. I use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine leave in conditioner every night and every morning. It makes my hair almost unrecognizable. You will be able to get a comb through it (a wide tooth comb) and you'll let your hair return back to it's beautiful, naturally bouncy curly self. Good luck

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    my hair is the same way. First wash your hair at night. I use pantene prov extra straight shampoo and garnie length & strength conditioner. After you get out of the shower throw some, I know this might contradict itself but it works, nexxis alluring curls elixer and wio straightning balm in your hair. Comb it out and put into a tight braid. In the morning blow dry your hair using a brush with the air flow going down the shaft of your hair not up toward your scalp. Let your hair cool down for a couple minutes. Maybe go eat some breakfast. Then straighten your hair. Set with a little hairspray and you are good to go. Try pantene prov ice shine. Good luck!

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    i have frizzy hair aswell and i just use a little hair wax and flatten my head

    but if u want your hair to be straight aswell

    and want to straighten in everyday

    do things like using hydrating shampoos/conditioners

    and then i think...before? straightening your hair you can put some heat protectant(sorry i dnt know what brand :S)

    on your hair so the excessive straightening wont take the life out of your hair and make it in a worse and un satisfactory condition

    theres also some stuff my sister uses

    we got it from some supermarket

    its this gell like stuff and u dry it into your hair and the end restult is smooth straight hair that smells real fruity=D

    good luck

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    Have you had any treatment done to your hair before (like dyeing, rebonding or perm)? If your hair is frizzy by nature, i think you should avoid using straightener as the constant heating from the equipment dries out your hair even more and makes it frizzier. If you really have to use a straightener, make sure you apply leave-on conditioner before doing so. However, i think treatment in the long run will improve your hair condition texture.

    Also, if you blow-dry your hair. Make sure you get a good hair-dryer. Apply leave-on conditioner before blow-drying it with cold air, so your hair will be less dry. (But i prefer to blow-dry it with fan, hehs)

    Try to use hair mask twice a week, and conditioner and leave-on conditioner everyday. It helps! =)

    Recommended: Asience products, and The Body Shop's Grape Seed Glossing Serum.

    Best of luck to you! =)

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    Hot oil treatments are good for the frizzies. Consider using a hair pick to separate curls without making hair frizz out. A brush would be awful. Brylcreem is also good for frizzy hair.

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    haha i had the same issue..

    i've tried so many products.. which either left my hair greasy, no volume, and still a bit frizzy...

    now all i do is use a good conditioner.. and a good flat iron... and thats it i have beautiful full shiny non frizzy hair... as long as i straighten it.. leavin my hair curly i always will have a little frizz..

    ok so atm i/m using herbal essence fruit fusion in citrus scent... its awesome makes my hair shiny silky and manageable...

    once i wash it i let it air dry (blow drying makes my hair more frizzy)

    then once fully dry i will straighten it with my Bellisima flat iron.. which has jade plates and ions

    but once in awhile.. i will use a product called kms straightner creme...

    it helps keep my hair frizz free and super str8 on days that are humid...

    humid weather kills!! makes hair curly and frizzy mess.. so yea this helps.. it needs to be applied (just a dab dime size) to your just washed hair.. then flat iron after...

    ok hope i helped

    i'll try and include links to the products i've mentioned

    good luck

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    You could try the brazilian keratin treatment at a salon. I've seen awesome results from friends who've had it done. It can be a little pricey but it does look great and does last a long time.

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    I am guy and I have curly hair. I hate it. I am half irish and cuban so that makes sense. I know its a fruity thing for a guy to worry about his hair but i wish it was straigh. BTW I am not gay

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    try using a differnet shampoo and conditioner

    and buying a DE FRIZZ product fromm your local hair care shops.

    also comb your hair at night, that might help

    hope this helps (:

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