What should I Expect at a job interview?

A Job interview dealing with a Merchandising or Cashier Position.

Especially those interviews dealing with 3 different interviews, before you can actually get the Job. What's really the point of those. Or even those phone interviews.....

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    There is no one answer on what to expect. The answer for you is to be prepared, and that goes for any interview. Do you really want this job or are you lukewarm? It doesn't matter treat each interview as a game if you get it or the interview goes well score for you. If you don't get it or you know you crashed score for them. You need more practice. Act like you need every job you go for. In each case you are out to win, OK? Here goes. Dress for success. clean neat clothes, no jeans, nothing sloppy, if female make-up for business not for night out. Neat hair, nothing wild or messy. When you walk in for the interview, above all be respectful. When asked to come into the office do not sit down till asked! When introduced, look them straight in the eye and if they offer a handshake, make your firm. No fish handshake.

    Sit forward in your seat you are not there to get . Try to take in the room as all this is happening, not obvious just mark things in your mind trophies, family pictures, sports things, awards etc. As you are seated comment on something you observed. My is that your family? What a great pic, I see you play soccer, I used to do that to, etc. It shows you pay attention to details. Look the person in the eye at all times! Do not slouch, look down or dreamland pay attention! Know something about the place you are applying, look on Internet. If you don't want to get cornered by questions you don't know the answer to, don't offer one word answers! When you finish the question say, I have a question I am curious about the responsibilities of the position? Let them answer, and start again,well I feel my background would qualify me for that as well as I have a train background. This is an example of course. It is called gaining some control of the interview. You do this so you don't get sucked into questions you don't have an answer for, "Just what do you have to offer my company, and why should I hire you". Well you answered that already. Do not start by asking how much it pays? Right now he doesn't know how much your worth! Can you work nights and weekends? Bring that up, its a plus. You get it now? You already have a certain control of the interview, not because your a jerk but because you are interested in what they have to say and how you can help them. Now the kicker, if you can get 1 or 2 interviews before the one you want do it. It doesn't matter what the job is just go in and practice strutting your stuff on someone you don't care about. Do go to win though, it will give you confidence for the interview you really want. Good luck you can use this technique for every job interview you go on, and soon you will always win!!

  • Employers need to screen people. you'll be surprised at the amount of psycho's your can wittle out in interviews. especially phone screens. i've done a few interviews where you can compare people. it highlights really good potentials and ones that don't have what you're looking for...

    Here's a few of tips

    1) why did you leave your previous role? (always looking for opportunity to grow or gain more skills. not because you had a fight with someone)

    2) Why are you interested in working here?

    3) tell me about a time you've experienced conflict at work?

    4) If they ask you "what is one of your weaknesses?" ALWAYS answer with either of these two answers

    4.1) "I don't consider this a weakness. i consider it an opportunity to improve..."

    4.2) "Finding a work-life balance. i tend to get caught up in projects/tasks and forget to eat lunch and then i get really hungry late in the afternoon, etc" - always pick something that can be seen as a positive in their eyes.

    5) tell me about a time when you've had to influence/convince someone to get them on board with something?

    6) tell me about a time you had to work in a team? was it successful? was it unsuccessful?

    7) Tell me about a time you had to work autonomously? give me an example.

    Always try to give specific examples. not a general answer. use a specific time, person, task, etc.

    Your answers can sometimes not have a positive result. as in, you tried something and it didn't work. as long as you end up saying "next time i would probably do it THIS way instead..." or "i learned alot from that person because it showed me...etc" then you still show you know what you're doing

    Good luck :)

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    Some interview has many levels for many reasons namely being:

    1) you will take numerous tests at these diff levels

    2) you will be shortlisted as u move on

    3) YOu may sometimes be more "useful" in another dept

    Some companie apply the good cop bad cop technique:

    good cop: the one who smiles and asks the easy questions )more questions from the heart)

    bad cop: straight to the point, and asks the tough detailed job related questions

    Hope this helps

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