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Crying in dream what does this mean?

Hi all,i had a dream last night,where i was crying,i dream that my bf was leaving me6i cried my heart out!!the dream kept telling me that this was true&i woke up from my own crying,i feel so sad&empty today&i was hoping someone could tell me why i had dreamt this?i am with my bf now for 8 years&we also have a little boy of 4 months,so why did i dream this,we have a good relationship&having dreams like this makes me feel so sad,any advice????many thanks joanna

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    Here is the interpretation: Dreams are often for our benefit. They help us cope with real events in the future that we dream about today. It gives us time to prepare. Dreams are also deceptive in that in many cases they have more of spiritual reference than a physical. In your case your dream is obviously meant as a spiritual attack because of what your dream produced in you. God is not in the market to crush relationships that are established. He believes in the sanctuary of marriage. It is against God's nature to promote division within a relationship. The evidence of the fruit that has been promoted does not come from the heavenly realm but from the H E double L realm. Whether you believe it or not there is an enemy at play which seeks to destroy everything called GOOD. I would not worry about your b/f leaving. Denouce out loud the dream you had and take back authority of you relationship. You can chuckle and say it was a dream but the attacks will only worsen. Please give it a try and speak against your dreams or thoughts that have risen to high places in thought. You will be ok here. Have faith.

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