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HongKong to Shanghai by train + roadtrip afterward?

Is it a good idea to take a train from HK to Shanghai? How long is the journey, how much, how comfortable?

Can I rent a car in Shanghai and drive out of the city? Will an International Driving Permit be enough for the authorities?

Are there good places to go, enough for 4-5 days?

Thanks v. much in advance!

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    Hong kong to shanghai by train is 16 hours.

    it is an overnight train.. leaves at about 5 pm. you get there very early in the morning.

    i would not advise you rent a car in shanghai, why dont you travel by metro?

    i would go to the oriental pearl (tallest tower in the world) , yu yuan gardens (beautifully lit, shops, restraunts, bars)

    Nan jing road for shopping and walking around.

    you are much better on a taxi, it is very very cheap.

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    you in all probability can, and if there is one i'd say its extremely 25+ hours. Ive taken the practice from Wuhan to shanghai and its up the river at it took 15 hours. so i'd assume a lengthy time

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    by train it would be less than 1 day

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