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hi my dogs are acting bad what should i do?

hi i have two dogs a three year old and 6 month old my three year old hates people and we have trouble taking her to the vet because she hates it and my six month old kills animals and brings them to the house

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    Classes would not be a good idea as this would be too stressful for the one who doesn't like people. You need to call a 1-2-1 professional who can show you kind methods to help your dog overcome her issues. As for the younger dog you ought to not allow her to roam free if she is killing wildlife, but if she was bred for that purpose then she is just following her instincts. Cats kill small animals after playing with them yer we find it ok. If the pup is killing vermin then you are lucky and have no need to train her to do that but if they are resrticted animals then supervise her when she is outside. I used a lady called Katie from who was great and helped me with my naughty dog. My dog never used to like the vets and she helped us with this too but don't forget vets are used to this. Good luck x

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    First a foremost, get both dogs into basic obedience classes. These will help gain control, as well as socialize the dog and get them around other dogs and people.

    In the meantime, for the older dog, as often as possible, get her outside in the "real world", for longs walks on leash. Take her to areas where she can see other people, but won't be too close to them. When she is comfortable at a particular distance, then move a little closer. Gradually, over time, she will become comfortable around others. Once she can handle people around her, have a stranger offer her a treat - if she does not take it, have them toss it to her. Only do a couple of treats per day, or she will gain too much weight. But gradually she will see others as cookies and not as a danger or threat. For the younger one, she should never be outside alone to where she can chase other animals. When you take her out, put her on leash, allow her to wander to the end of the leash, however, if she shows interest in another animal or starts to run, call her back to you, turn her in a different direction, and refocus her attention on something else.

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    Don't let your puppy outside unsupervised. As to the 3 year old, same thing, don't let her get near other people unsupervised. Go to with her to dog training classes. As to taking her to the vet, I've never seen as dog who likes going to the vet, they are trained profesionals and used to pets misbehaving.

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    it's up to what u eating them and how u treading them too

    i think they need much more attention and love and u can take them from time to time to know new people and play around ...........oh about ur dog that kill animals when he do that n u saw it punish him and after 10 minuets prang him a toy or something and keep him busy by playing eating .... okay

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    my cat does both of those!

    hates people and kills animals. and she's 17...

    you may need help from a dog trainer in both situations.

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