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Why do people like to kill things?

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    People who LIKE to kill things need to be removed from civilized society.

    There is usually a "motive" attributed to the worst of crimes. But if people (serial killers) do it cause they enjoy it....!?!

    Even animals have a right to live. While a butcher just does his job, a hunter is a sadistic person, to me.

    Source(s): Don't know any such people. Thank God.
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    Some people like to watch the life leave their eyes.

    Humans really like to kill because for some reason they think their life is the most significant. They think they don't need trees and they don't need bees.

    Some people do to others what was done to them on the inside and are seeking revenge for the wrongs that were done to them.

    Some do it for the personal gain.

    Some do it just because.

    Some do it for the name.

    Either way you look at it, is is th nature of all living things, except some plants to murder.

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    I was an avid hunter until several years ago I realized why I would get so excited when I killed some animal.

    It was because I had the power of life and death over this animal.

    The ultimate power of life and death. Touching on Gods power.

    I Quit hunting.

    Now I can see animals living,moving and having their being in Gods will.

    What we humans need to learn to do.

  • Well....I am one of the people, but I will never like to kill things. I don't like killing things either.

    I love life and no matter what even if it sucks..So let it suck.

    I will still not kill things. I try to create things instead to kill whatever that sucks!

    It's only but the loneliness behind..

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    For food, out of hate, for fun, or to feel powerful. We are not perfect after all. We are only animals. Sometimes very mean animals.

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    Disrespect and devaluation of life. Sometimes humans feel superior, because of the complexity physical make-up, and societal structure. We forget that everything has a place in our larger evolutionary structure, and when we degrade that symbiotic existence we kill ourselves, and the futures of our children.

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    Because Humans are the greatest monsters of all! Glad I'm not one! If your wondering, I'm a hybrid lol!

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    some have this devilish or demon nature... they want to show to the world how powerful they are..they want to be winner by pulling others...they try to frighten and make use of less powerful (human & animals)...which boost up their EGO...and thus give them satisfaction...

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    Because humans are inherently violent. We are just primates after all.

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    It's the only way to extinct something they dislike.

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