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Should I get an abortion?

I'm 16 and have a really high libido. I got pregnant a couple of months ago with my boyfirend for 6 months and we both got kicked out of our house and our living in a flat with not a whole lot of money. Should I get an abortion? My bf's happy to keep it and take full time to look after it but I don't want to ruin my life, im in a hard situation and neeed help

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    honestly zoe

    and i mean this in all honestly and in a nice way

    abortion is NOT a form of birth control, nor should it ever be used as such

    now girls have sex, and pregnancy happens. but you need to take responsibility for your actions

    there are many many young girls out there who are pregnant and chose to keep this baby

    this baby isnt whats ruining your life, if having sex without be able to handle all the consequences

    im not going to state whether im pro life or choice

    but what you need to do, is really really think about this

    abortion shouldn't be taken lightly, and its going be a decision you'll have to live with for the rest of your life

    abortion isn't an escape method...

    i know you're in a hard situation, and i know this isn't going to be easy

    teen pregnancy, heck pregnancy and parenting in general isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you should take the easy way out

    if you really don't want this baby, carry it to term an give it up for adoption

    there are SO many good caring couples who desperatly want a baby and can't have one. you'll be a blessing to that couple and that baby because you chose a selfless thing.

    if you chose to keep the baby thats great! all the power to you :] you're boyfriend seems ike a decent guy! and you said he'll be there, so trust him and trust yourself

    good luck girly!

    if you ever need to talk with someone or need to get something off your chest, send me a message

    wish you all the best,


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    Don't take any of this rudely, I don't mean it to be. I just have a very strong opinion about abortion.

    Okay, PLEASE DON'T! Killing your baby because your not ready is NOT okay. You obviously think your ready to have sex. So if your ready to have sex, your ready for a baby. Deal with the consequences. If anything, give the baby up for adoption. Or, if your boyfriend is happy to keep the baby, let him. My mom found out she was pregnant with me a few months before her 16th birthday, everyone told her to get an abortion. She didn't! Thank goodness! And she's happy she kept me too.

    Seriously, this kid could have a great life! Why should you kill it?! Do not have an abortion. It could ruin your cervix (it takes them only a few minutes to dialate it. Naturally it takes HOURS!), and it will most likely leave you a little heart broken. Your boyfriend most likely will too. Especially if he WANTS to take care of it.

    I personally do not think abortion is the right thing to do. And aparently your second guessing yourself too. If anything, adopt it. Don't kill it.

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    as hard as this is, please do not get an abortion, I am now 17 but I was pregnant when I was 14, I was told to get an abortion but I didnt, I strung through it and I gave the baby up for adoption, I still miss my little boy every day, but in the end I can say that I gave him a better life. to make things easier I had the operation instead of giving birth naturally, this way I was far too groggy to see him, I didn't hold him because I knew it would hurt. I just let him go. They send me letters all the time, no pictures by my own request and they keep me up to date with how he is going. I turned my horrible experience into a wonderful blessing for a couple who could not have children and that is what I recommend you do.

    It isn't easy but it is so much better than murder.

    Please dont say you are too young, I was 16 when I fell pregnant to my fiance and we are keeping this baby, I know its scary but people will be there for you.

    Make the choice that is right for you, but think of the innocent child growing inside you right now, as much as you didnt ask for this neither did the baby and it has no voice to say it does or doesnt want to die.

    my baby is just 9 weeks gestated (has been growing for 9 weeks) and already has a heat beat, little feet, little arms and an almost developed head.

    Please think about the long term effects before you do anything, because no matter what choice you make, you will have to live with it the rest of your life and it will never go away.

    I was 14 and made the best choice, Im sure you can too.

  • NO!!! You should not get an abortion, if u don't wanna raise the baby give it up for adoption, but please do not get an abortion. Abortion is murder and only should be used in very extreme circumstances (like mother's health is in jeopardy). I was 15 when i got pregnant and 16/1/2 when i had my son, and i'm so happy i have my precious lil man, i couldn't imagine my life without him. Abortion was never an option for me and i chose to keep him instead of givin him up for adoption. I havin a great family support sytem though and that has made everythin alot easier. But since u don't have that same support then givinn the baby up for adoption may be the better option for u. So please don't get an abortion, look at ur other options, and make a descion based on that.

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    No please don't.

    There are so many other options. There is insurance that the state pays for that will cover you 100%, I had it and I never paid for one doctor visit, ultrasound, or hospital bill.

    Ask DHS about your options and they will figure out what you can get, if you are that low on income and especially being 16, you will qualify easily.

    The insurance will also cover your baby for the first year of life and you can always reapply after that time as well.

    There is also WIC, which can help you with a few groceries while pregnant, things like milk, eggs, cheese, etc.

    and then after the baby is born you can get formula if you choose not to breastfeed.

    If your bf is ok with it, keep it! Don't get an abortion, you will regret not ever knowing the life you created.

    I promise, there are many places that can help you, and you will be just fine : )

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    Right, to be fair a bunch of strangers can't give you advice in this situation as it's pretty personal, and also don't bother listening to people that shun abortion because to be honest....they're not in this situation and its YOUR personal choice!

    You need to think, and soon, whether you would rather have a life, or a baby. Abortion is not wrong, its perfectly fine and its admirable that you've thought about it since getting kicked out. You've got next to no money, you're 16 with your whole life ahead of you, you wouldn't be able to go to college or whatever if that's what you wanted. Alternatively, you could keep the baby, but although parenting is the most rewarding job in the world it is by far the hardest - so if you're having doubts you should reaaaaally think about it, love, cos if you make the wrong decision, its for life. Good luck!

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    My mom had a friend who was studying to become a doctor and the person had to witness an abortion, and it was so awful, her friend decided not to go into the profession.

    It is also very painful for the fetus as well when the saltine solution goes in, and sometimes the fetus is taken out of the womb while its alive and a tube sucks the brain out (I heard) and sometimes the body is dismantled before the fetus is dead.

    Since Obama (in the USA) has been elected as president, he is going to allow full term babies to be aborted, which means we'll be hearing about a lot more babies being left in closets to die, and more girls will have abortions since basically the future president okays abortion.

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    Well your 16, and if you did have a baby this young I think that you would miss out on so much in life. What kind of life could you give a baby right now? I mean your situation doesn't sound too good and with a baby it's only going to be harder, not only will you have to look after yourself but another life that will need you 24/7 for 18 years! How far along are you? lots of guys say that they will take care of the baby but most of them NEVER do..... are you 6 months pregnant? I dont think you can still have an abortion that late into the pregnancy. Don'T listen to all the people who Im sure will write you saying your going to go to hell if you "kill" a baby, it's not a baby yet, its something in ur body do what you want to do, dont let someone make you feel bad Just think if you have the kid cuz they said its murder I bet u if they saw you on the street 2 yrs from now with that kid in your lap they would say "why did she have a kid!"

    i see so many young girls have baby's and then they just try to pon them off onto others, and then you keep seeing them have MORE babies while the first 2 need food.

    I personally dont think that you should have a baby right now....

    Good luck!

    (God would not have made abortions possible if he didnt want people not to do them)

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    No, abortion is taking a way a life without reason to. I don't know why anyone would get an abortion and kill a baby or baby-to-be, when they could have the child and give it up to a loving adoptive family and possibly be able to visit it in the future.

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    if you care for your boyfriend then you would keep the baby later on in life you would regret the abortion it may create problems in your relatinoship if your over 6 months its to late to do abortion im sure you will be having the bonding feeling with the child tryin lookin for part time job to help with money you think it will ruin your life but you will cry of happiness the day the baby is born think your boyfriend wont approve of an abortion he may get angry

    i hope you change your mind on doing abortion keep the baby it will bring you happiness or your bf can look for a job can he drive? when the baby will come you will need transport ddid you think of this before gettin preg what will happen of your future anywah who am i to decide its your life sit down and talk with your love and see what he says gud luck xx

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