Love triangle problem- please, I need some advice!!?

So there are these two guys, T and G, and it's really complicated.

I dated G all last summer and I really, really liked him. I thought I loved him. The problem was that he was my first boyfriend but he had dated a lot before and he is really popular with girls. Basically things were great until school started and all the rumors went around about how he changed me and turned me into a slut and things like that.

Plus there were these 3 girls who were just horrible to me, becuase one of them had dated him before and he dumped her. They were really mean to me. It was really hurtful and I liked G a lot but I just didn't want to deal with the stress and stuff so I dumped him.

Then I made the huge mistake of dating one of his friends, T. At first I didn't know they used to be friends because they don't hang out. Eventually I found out that in high school they used to be best friends but then they had a HUGE fight and now they don't speak.

Then G confronted me and asked me if I was dating T just because I knew it would hurt him. And I told him that no, I had no idea about their history. And then G told me that he still really loved me and I was the first girl he ever really loved and he was sorry that he didn't do a better job of protecting me from all the rumors and stuff.

So then T found out that G told me all those things and they got into a fight again. Now T is trying to like, prevent me from ever speaking to G.

The problem is that when I broke up with G, I did still like him A LOT. But I just tried to forget about it because I thought it was over. And I totally fell for T. I really liked him a lot too. But after G and I talked, I realized that I still like G too.... I feel horrible for feeling this way!!

What am I supposed to do? I know this was long, but this is what is happening. It's like a freaking movie!! I hate it and I wish I just stayed single lol. I didn't know that it would turn out like this. I remember being the girl who HATED to deal with drama, and now I'm in the middle of it.

Advice please!!

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    This situation sucks from all three angles. Looking at your story it seems like G knew about the rumors and didn't care enough at the time to 'protect you more' from them. That worries me because it could be that G is jealous that his rival T now has the girl that dumped him. I applaud T for standing up for you from G ( I mean this in HE tried to protect what he considers his YOU) To me that speaks volumes for T. This decision is a tough one but so far T has shown more chivalry. One thing that might help put this in a new light is this question.... What exactly did they get into the first big fight for? Was it over a girl.. History could be repeating itself. Think long and think hard because ones you choose and act on that choice there is no turning back. They may be guys but they have feelings too.

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    Ah yes, the old love triangle. The most annoying thing ever. I feel your pain, honey!

    You said you hate it and wished you just stayed single.. Why not try that now, just for a little while? The time will help you to sort out your feelings and work out what you really want. Also, the pain will be less for the guys if you don't move on to their best friend straight away. So in short, I say stay single for a while, and work out which guy is best for you. Which one do you prefer to talk to? Which one is more fun to be around? You'll work it out. Goodluck! :)

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    sounds a lot like how i met my husband. I liked him a lot, too much i think and dumped him for another guy 4 years later we got back together and got married, weve been married for 5 years now. Things will work out you just never know how. Do what you think is right in you heart and you should be fine

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    the simple answer as it may not sound simple but it is. You need to think hard on what will make you happy in the very end!! Or if years later you will regret the choice you make. goodluck!

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