Please a recent divorcee! :(?

I've been seeing him for about 3 months, and I am starting to really fall for him. I don't know if I should just let myself go, though, because he is a recent divorcee and is still (understandably) not completely over his ex. Their relationship is one that will never work, and he understands that, and knows that he doesn't want to go back to it. He knows that it was the right decision to move on, and doesn't desire to be with her again. However I know that the feelings are still there (they were married) and he and I started dating about a month after they broke up. (I know, total red flag.) But I can tell that he cares for me and wants to build something with me. Should I go in with caution? Should I keep dating him at all? Or am I just being completely stupid? Is it really worth it to continue pursuing anything with him at all, or will I just end up damaged and hurt in the end?

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    PLEASE READ!!! i am telling you from experience "TWICE" (yea i was real dumb) i promise you both times that i was in that situation it ended up with me crying and hurting so badly..... both of the men i dated said that i was who they wanted they was over their wife (I even ran from the second one but he begged) and both times after a year or later they didn't know what they wanted, but they didn't want to hurt me either...... trust me.... let him be a free man for at least 6mo to a yr and then tell him to call you if he still interested.......

    BTW free man means let him do what he wants as a single person and that could be sleeping with other women... but trust me you would rather him "love em and leave em" to them than to you

    g'luck lots of it

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    Been there done that. He would appreciate you more if you came to his life after the grieving process (of his divorce). You will only resent a lot of things from his past. When you're together you will wonder if he is thinking about her...when he is not with you, you will get suspicious. You will start to question his priorities later on...and realize he is still not ready to jump into another relationship. In the end you'll get hurt. I almost commited suicide.

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    You are probably his rebound girl. Just be care that you do not get hurt. Falling in love with him right now would be a huge mistake. He is in a position of transition and will be for some time, depending on how long he was married..

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    Ok honestly, I think that you need to hit your brakes where you are right now, and don't fall any harder for him than you already have. I think that this can work if both of you are in it one hundred percent, but you definately need to take it slow. VERY slow. Give him some time and yourself some space for awhile.

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