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I think my sister is going to have a baby?

I am 10 and i walked in on my 14 year old sister getting VERY VERY close with this guy. They were kissing everywhere. It looked really really fun of course i was upset because i like her boyfriend but i noticed after it she was acting weird. is she having a little baby? am i going to be an auntie?

please answer my other questions i have alot going on in my life

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    hi darlin, ur very young and its hard to understand right now bout how close ppl get to each other, ur sis might just have been close to him and thats all. there are so many reasons she might be feeling different. i used to feel different when i kissed a boy. i dont think u should worry bout it. and sweetie just because it looks like fun doesnt mean it is. u should wait til ur older b4 u try anything like that. and im not sure if u know this but u cant get pregnant from kissing a boy. and if u dont know go and sit down with ur parents and have them explain how girls get pregnant

    good luck!! :)

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    You should definately ask your sister. Tell her that you saw what she and her boyfriend were doing and that you didn't mean to walk in on them (be sure to apologize for this and promise to knock next time) and ask her to explain to you what she was doing.

    She's probably not having a baby if they were just kissing everywhere. It may have looked like they were getting pretty close, but I wouldn't worry about that. If she was acting weird she may have been feeling embarrassed because you saw her, or maybe she had an argument with him. If she were actually going to have a baby, she wouldn't know it yet. It's much, much too soon!

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    It takes more than kissing to get pregnant. But you should let your sister know what you saw and your concerns. Make sure she knows that her actions do affect you, and that you're worried. She should be more considerate about what you're exposed to, but I wouldn't be planning a niece or nephew just yet. She may be acting weird due to a million different issues. But if talking to your sister doesn't listen to your concerns, talk to your parents....

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    Approach her in that perfect way and have a little chat. I was just wondering if you will be able to help her cause you are just to young to see the circumstances if she is pregnant or not. It seems that this situation is annoying you and you seems to like the boy so there are mix feeling here in this issue. You have to be straight and stop being specimistic.

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    Honey, make sure you sit up front next time in sex education class oh and make sure you keep very detailed notes so that you can share them with your sister. I pray she isn't pregnant. God Bless.

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    Best thing to do is ask your sister, love. Have you ever heard of safe sex? Condoms? If you know about sex, you should find out about condoms also .... not that you yourself will need them for a few years yet, but so you know about it. It's good to know how to be safe.

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    Ask your sister.

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    it's not likely that she is pregnant, but if she is then you will know in a few months.

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    This is funny,anyway ask her,no whow do we know surelly

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    you should ask you sister

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