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tough decision can't decide help?!?

so for our state championship this year i was thinking about messing with my hair but doing something different each day

like the friday before do something then the saturday do something different and the sunday do something different

i was thinking

bleach it blonde for friday

leave it blonde but go for a mohawk on saturday

shave it bald for sunday

mr friend thinks i should do a maroon mohawk on sunday

maroon is our main school color

i can't decide

what do you think should i do it my way or her way?

any other suggestions or ideas are welcome :)

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    1 decade ago
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    wow! you must be pretty into this do be doing all sorts with your hair

    i think do whatever YOU will like!

    because your going to shave it off anyway

    so i guess it doesnt even matter :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    jim jim jim jim oh little jimmy boy i think that the answer here is obvious...

    if your going to do something in sane with your hair gotta get more inventive then that, like instead of dying it one shitty colour why not dye it many colours / shave/dye patterns into your head or somthin awesome

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