Questions on the Rights of Teenagers 16-17?

Say you are 16 or 17 years old: If you perchase something (a computer for example) and you pay for it fully with your own hard earned money, does your parents still have the right to confinscate it if the want to? Also, if you work for your money, are you allowed to perchase anything you want with it even if your parents say no? If you have bought something (say from eBay) and it ships to your family's mailbox, are they allowed to keep the item or parcel from you? Thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    Only a few states have laws protecting a child's earned income, and that's only for special talent income, not like a regular part-time job, but, like, if you were a child actor or musician, your parents can't just blow the millions you make from TV. :)

    And those laws still don't protect the assets (the stuff you bought with the money), so, if you buy a car, your parents can still ground you from it, confiscate it, sell it, whatever. They can also forbid you from making a purchase, or any at all, and confiscate or return any purchases you've made.

    Until you reach the age of majority, everything you have legally belongs to your parents, who can give and take as they see fit. Sorry.

  • Anonymous
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    the short answer is YES!

    The long answer is YYYYYEEEEEEESSSS!

    Your parents own your beatch asss until you are 18, then you are legally an adult.

    That also means that they no longer have a responsibility to keep you under their roof, have your bills paid by them , be fed or clothed by them.

    So you can not have it both ways.

    Suck it up and take what you get or move out and make your own way.

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    Yes they are until at least in Aus 18. That is when u are now living by urself (hopefully) and pay for ur own bills

    Hope this helps Pick me for best answer plz


  • Anonymous
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    As long as you're underage amd living in their house. They can confiscate whatever they want. Also they have the right to see what you are having delivered to their home.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, they are.

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