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Is it common for people with learning and emotional disablities to create friendships with others.?

I have ADD and bi-polar. I consider myself to be quite inteligent but i just can't seem to connect with others I get frustrated that people don't understand me or have the same interests. What should i do to reach them on their level?? Please keep it positive

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    if you want to find a friend or someone with the potential to be a friend you should try to find someone whom you have something in common with! i have a friend with bi-polar and i understand her because i know what to expect and i can look past it all. we get along great and we have fun. she has her moments and i let her have them. if you find someone genuine then they will look past it and work with you instead of running from you. try to be patient too alot of people dont understand mental disorder!!!! it is ok though keep your head up!

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    I don't think there is an easy answer to this. Your ADD and bipolar should not affect your abilities to make friends with others, my best friend has bipolar.

    However finding friends, regardless of any other factors can be really hard and the same tips apply for everyone - put yourself in different situations where you get to meet different people, and keep an open mind. If you have a picture of your friends in your head, don't be scared of becoming friends with people that don't meet that picture.

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