How does the audience for art differ from the audience for design?

can anyone tell me How the audience for art differs from the audience for design?And What demands are placed on the designer that are not necessarily placed on the artist? 10 points for best answer

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    Art is pure expression and doesn't have to fit any particular purpose to be enjoyed. Design however, must be appealing as well as functional. I think it takes a more specific type of person to value design; most people value art anyway, but it takes a more critical eye to really understand design and it's use or lack of precision and functionality.

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    Implicit in the terem design is a functionality that does not have to be present in pure art. People can ponder the type of mind that would drive M.C. Escher to create the distinctive illustrations that he's known far. Living in a house that looked that way could easily drive someone mad.

    Art is the result of singular vision finding expression in a particular medium. design, in contrast, is more about "art by committee", since designers are called to create items that are functional. I would do little good to desig a chair if said chair won't hold a person's weight.

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    Some tourists at the Louvre are just logging their presence and rush through the building/s to brag about it. Critical audiences for design are stuck sometimes in the very first room.

    But the artist needs the payment and can't wait to understand the other two. It's really not their concern.

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    The design audience are more likely to be wearing suits and vote conservative!

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