does anyone know the weather of the seasons in canada?

need to know if it's raining or if it's really hot or all four season

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    You need to know that Canada is a very large land mass and that the temperature in any season will be as variable as it is in the USA. We have coastal areas on our East, West & North, provinces that border on the northern side of the Great Lakes, large inland plains, mountains, areas with many lakes, those with dry areas, areas with Chinook winds which modify the temperature and so on. Some of our borders touch Alaska, Washington, Idaho, North & South Dakota, New York, and other states in the Northern USA.

    In my area (Southern Alberta, north of the Montana border), Winter has occasionally been as low as -40 F but can only reach that low during a 2 week period in January. It's more likely to vary between -20 F & +40 F. We have some snow & the amount depends on whether it's an El Nino or El Nina year in the Pacific Ocean. If we have 6" of snow with a temperature of -40 F, we could have a chinook wind come sweeping over the Rocky Mountains to the West of us and have a temperature change of 40 degrees in 30 minutes or less & have snow melting very quickly with slush & water all around us.

    Spring highs vary from about +50 F to 75 F with rainfall changing each year. We live in an area with near-desert-like conditions. Summer highs vary from 60 F to 98 F degrees and are usually very dry with frequent hot winds. Fall varies from winter-like weather to wonderful "Indian Summers" which can last into November.

    Edited: I had to make a few changes. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal experience or look at the map of Canada in the msn encarta world atlas to see its border with the USA and how close it is to Greenland and the North Sea.
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    Well right now it's between fall and winter so it is rather cold with some snow but not much

    in the winter we get snow and it can be cold

    in the spring it is warm we have rain and sunny days

    in the summer it can be warm and or hot and can be very sunny

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    Um....KInda weird question. It really depends on WHERE in Canada you're asking about.

    Winter in Vancouver, British Columbia involves alot of rain, while in Toronto, Ontario, you get alot of snow.

    Winter in Canada is usually much colder than spring and fall (duh, eh? ;)

    Summers are hot, though, pretty much wherever you go in Canada.

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