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If your spouse could never be intimate again...?

Say you were married to your spouse for quite a few years. Then they had some sort of accident which prevented them from becoming intimate in the bedroom. There would be no way that you could have sex with them ever again.

Would you live the rest of your life content with cuddles and kisses?

Or would you consider this a legitimate excuse to seek out sexual relationships outside the marriage?

Think long and hard and try to be honest.

P.S. This is a hypothetical question. I'm just interested in people's answers.


I really like all the answers so far. They seem so optimistic.

The sad reality is that one of the top reasons for divorce besides money is sex and infidelity. But, we have a good crowd here!

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    I don't have to think at all. I love my husband for more reasons than that he's good in bed. I agree that sex is a big part of marriage, but I have no problem taking care of those needs on my own. The best part of my marriage is the total honesty and great communication we have. The sex is more or less a benefit of the way we feel about each other. I could never go outside my marriage.

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    "a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group"........

    That's the dictionary definition of intimacy, it doesn't talk about sex. you don't need sex for an intimate relationship.

    I would never leave my partner or cheat on him for this reason. We have awesome sex every day, and yes we would both miss it very much. But at the end of the day, he is who I want to be with and my soul is his forever. We would find other ways to satisfy our sexual needs. And we would have a lot of fun trying things out!

    mmmm...yes... but I've already done the divorce thing, so I guess such experiences just make you wiser.... maybe the others here have been in that boat too, hence the optimism!

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    You say this is hypothetical but this subject is something that I live now. I am still with her and I have no intentions leaving.

    Medical problems (female type) prevent her from enjoying the art of good sex. Penetration is definitely out. Even if I make her reach an orgasm it causes pain for her.

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    This would really mark if you loved that person or not. If it were my husband, I would be fine with not having sex with him. If I felt that urge that I needed some quick satisfaction, toys or porn would get me through. I am a military wife, I am used to not getting any for a long time. A lifetime would be like an extended deployment.

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    Truthfully, I think it would be hard to adjust to a life without "intimacy", but for the love of my husband I'd do it.

    I'd hope that he would be willing to, at least occasionally, help me get there, but I hope I wouldn't ask it of him too often, making him feel inadequate. And understand if I masturbated, to relieve myself.

    I don't just love him in the bedroom, so I would not stop loving him because of this.

  • 5 years ago

    I did once. I suggested something that I would rather not say on here. And lets just say he lost the moment. Big time. After that I just felt the need to find somebody who wouldn't have a problem with it. And I'm still looking. But I haven't given up yet.

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    I would stay with my spouse and we would use sex toys. (like strap ons, etc). Where there is a will there is a way. The beauty of today are all of the wonderful gadgets for the bedroom that you and your husband can experiment with.

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    My husband is my world, if he couldn't make love to me, we would try other things, i married him because i love him, not because of the sex, sex does not just mean intercourse, it means lot's of different things and we would just experiment until we found some we were both satisfied with. :-)

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    It wouldn't drive me to another man. I don't need sex to live or function and besides, I have two hands! And I love my husband for who he is, and that wouldn't change because he couldn't have sex anymore.

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    It would be so sad because I love making love to my husband I would not be satisified with kisses and cuddles but would encourage him to use all sorts of toys on me that is the route I would go.

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