I want to take care of elderly?

I want a license to help me though. How can I get a physical therapy license or some experience? What are some things people look for when looking to hire you as a caregiver and how can I attain those qualities or license?

I am already a friendly person, empathetic, love elderly and children, animals. I'm a helpful person. young adult.



English Babe : Thanks! I will keep all of that in mind, wish me luck :)

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    You have 100% qualitys to get you a job in a care home then , the best way is to get a job low doing the day to day support then your company who you will work with will send you on training courses then you build yourself up and eventually get your license etc.

    Most of all be yourself, because they want true people in this job not people who will blag them at an interview, so you just gotta be yourself.

    like ive said you have very good qualitys

    good luck.

    Source(s): im a support worker with the disabled
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    To become a physical therapist in the US, it requires graduation from an accredited program that results in either a master's or doctorate degree. You can get a list of all programs at www.apta.org After graduating, you will need to sit for a licensure exam. If you pass, you will pay your fees and apply for licensure.

    another consideration is to become a physical therapy assistant which is a two year degree.

    In either profession, experience working closely with people will be of benefit. Becoming a hospice or hospital volunteer, meals on wheels, or simply volunteering in a PT department.

    Source(s): I am a PT
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